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  1. BlackOsprey

    It's shocking yet heartwarming to know that people still remember me. :'3

    It's shocking yet heartwarming to know that people still remember me. :'3
  2. BlackOsprey

    Anniversary time

    It should, if this country doesn't burn down via civil war soon anyways. :P Anyways it's late af here, so, see ya around and take care!
  3. BlackOsprey

    Anniversary time

    Heh, perhaps not. I am leaving options open. But I'm leaving a post in the Foyer anyways and will be going on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time. That we did! Unfortunately this site only preserved your half of the VMs so the conversations somewhat lack context now, but I've never...
  4. BlackOsprey

    Anniversary time

    Yup, sounds about right. I got a bit of an itch to give my existence here some closure and then you happened to post right when I logged in, lol
  5. BlackOsprey

    So long, and thanks for all the hearts.

    So hey. The thing I hate the most about online friendships is how easy it is for someone to slowly fade from existence, vanishing and never returning. You're left with the impression of the personality you came to associate with an odd username, the things you remember about them, and wonder...
  6. BlackOsprey

    Anniversary time

    *waves* happy anniversary!
  7. BlackOsprey

    Some positivity for KH2 Sora for a change!

    Aw sweet, some discussion! har-har. -w- It's hard to say, but by "mature," I figure it just means that Sora will just be a little sharper and more experienced from his past journeys. I doubt he's going to be any less of a cheerful optimist. I agree, the video is a *bit* lenient on the...
  8. BlackOsprey

    Some positivity for KH2 Sora for a change!

    Figured I'd share this here. It's a video a tumblr friend linked me. It's not anything negative, it's actually a decent or positive opinion on Sora in KH2 and beyond. It was really nice to see in the ocean of KH2 bashing and made me rethink KH2 a little. It's a short video so enjoy...
  9. BlackOsprey

    some help please

    It's a 3-question survey for a research assignment. Mind helping me out? https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q8N7LM3
  10. BlackOsprey

    Some help?

    Long time no see, guys. I'm doing a research project and I just need some answers on a tiny 3-question survey. If y'all could leave some answers, I'd be pretty grateful. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q8N7LM3
  11. BlackOsprey

    What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts fandom?

    It's got parts that are insufferable (what fandom doesn't) but it's on a much smaller scale compared to larger and more prominent ones.
  12. BlackOsprey

    New Org XIII member revealed

    “You thought you were number one but in truth I am EVERYONE” -Robbinort, probably.
  13. BlackOsprey

    Wasn't it kinda stupid to throw Ventus off the cliff?

    Meh, I'm not sure how much this actually means given how much Xehanort's gone back and contradicted himself... I mean, the "right" way now is to smash 7 lights and 13 darknesses together, even if the components of said light and darkness aren't totally pure themselves. I think what he was trying...
  14. BlackOsprey

    Wasn't it kinda stupid to throw Ventus off the cliff?

    I don't know about Nomura (and I'm too lazy to dig through interviews) but most people infer that Aqua was plan B when Vanitas ran off after fighting her saying "never hurts to have a backup." Obviously, Aqua wouldn't be the ideal choice, but Xehanort was trying to make a X-blade the convenient...
  15. BlackOsprey

    Wasn't it kinda stupid to throw Ventus off the cliff?

    Yeah dropping your X-Blade half to his possible death was a pretty stupid idea. I don't think there's a logical explanation for it either, it's just something that happened because it happening in that KH2 secret ending, where villainous motivations and roles of characters had yet to be defined...
  16. BlackOsprey

    DDD: Removing the Time Travel

    Nah, I'm pretty sure that Sora was in the Sleeping Realm for the majority of DDD. It's when he hits The World That Never Was when he gets pulled out of the RoS, only to get shoved into a double-layered sleep by the Norts. Because he needed to cross this overused fantasy plot point cliche off...
  17. BlackOsprey

    DDD: Removing the Time Travel

    I was discussing ways to circumvent time travel with a friend a while back, and another idea we came up with (that didn't even involve replicas) was using the dream world itself to bring the Norts of the past into the present. Ansem SoD said it himself: dreams hold our memories and sleep holds...
  18. BlackOsprey

    What if Eraqus Killed Ven?

    Would things really continue as they did in canon with Terranort's defeat though? A big reason why Xehanort's plans were set back by a decade was due to memory loss as a result of Terra's interference. Sounds like in this scenario, Xehanort was able to hijack Terra with relative ease and not...
  19. BlackOsprey

    Worst KH pairing?

    Because a character showing strong protectiveness for another character gets people's shipping juices flowing. And in KH, that seems to be the centerpiece of a great many popular ships. SoRiku's a great example of that. You're also dealing with a fanbase that will interpret thinly veiled death...
  20. BlackOsprey

    Worst KH pairing?

    This is the basic gist of it: the characters seem to care about eachother. Examples: Ven thaws himself out with sheer force of fury when Aqua is almost killed, and Aqua muses that Ven is what "keeps the dark away" while in the RoD. If you ignore the age difference, Ven's mental immaturity (and...