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    My friend rapped over a Kingdom Hearts II sample. *MUSIC VIDEO IS NOW OFFICIALLY OUT*

    Remove this disgraceful piece of uselessness. Its an insult to Utada.
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    Who is going to be Xehanort

    uhhh what, hows that add up.... plus....its ventus....i think.
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    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    Agreed. Refine what I said into this. :/
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    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    x^1/2=Square root of x. So 2^1/2 = square root of 2. Negative powers are reciprocals. So you flip it upside down and get : _1_ √2 :D
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    A little question?

    Ok, so I have a laptop, Gateway Model MT6705, running Vista 32 Bit Operating System. Simply put, I AM SICK OF VISTA. So, I have this Operating Disk for XP, thing is , it came with my Dell Desktop. Can I use the CD to install XP on my lappy, or can it harm it in anyway? Help or Advice would be...
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    Help/Support ► Question To Girls on the Site

    awww and here i was hoping for some les-
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    Help/Support ► Question To Girls on the Site

    sounds like Sam is gay for Jen :0
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    Uhh wtf? Notification error?

    Ive been having this weird glitch on my profile My notifications say I have a new visitor message, but the problem is ,its never there. I though it would fix itself after a few days but its been 3 days already D: help?
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    Most Annoying Boss

    .....all the marluxias were easy as hell....riku 4 was the only problem for me....ugh..took me 3 days...
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    PSP themes

    I just got a PSP and I was wondering if anyone knew a good site to get themes for it. I googled a few but I cant get any satisfying results. Thanks in advance...
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    Help o.o

    Well I was encountering problems with windows *vista* before, and I reinstalled windows. After that everything functioned perfectly but a few days later my hard disk starts losing almost 200 MB per hour, as if it were being used up, even though I had'nt touched my computer after reinstalling...
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    getting ultima

    You mean in KH2? yeah you probably havent done all of atlantica right <_<
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    haha i wonder

    One things for certain they didnt die, and quite possibly if theres a KH3 Malifecent might just turn good o:
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    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    No he was easy Riku 4 ws the hardest boss in CoM.Also The good guy doesnt always win. -cough*crisiscore-cough <_<
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    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    And since Marluxia got pwnt by Sora and was one of the easiest bosses in CoM <____< does that make him pwn?
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    help with Ultima

    yeah charge is right, you didnt do the songs right <_<
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    Wisdom form and Fianl form are awesome, the rest sucked.Though Master was ok :/
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    Quick BBS Thought.....

    Lol actually you might be right =/ but Im not really a theory maker xD PS right section :D
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Saix was easy^ But the last fight the one with the Dragon and xemnas, with no healing source yeah it got annoying >.<