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  1. Nyx Winters

    12/13 Union χ JP Update: SB++ Fiends, KHIII Terra=Xehanort reprint

    Haha me neither but imagine if thats how enemies from the ReMind Dlc got leaked
  2. Nyx Winters

    News ► Square Enix Hiring Various Positions in HD Development for the Kingdom Hearts series

    I dont even think that idea was a good at the time they bought some time with the remakes but it was putting more or a strain on the team to get things done faster to accomadate this plan. Id be happy with a late 21 - mid 22 release for the next game to be honest
  3. Nyx Winters

    Lit ► KHI Book Club - What are you currently reading?

    so do comics count because they are an ongoing series sooo? but actual books wise that would be the Institute by Stephen King, My first time actually reading a stephen king novel and honestly i kinda love it
  4. Nyx Winters

    News ► Square Enix Hiring Various Positions in HD Development for the Kingdom Hearts series

    Hey so Anyone else here kinda hoping that we get the name of the new Kingdom Hearts title (confirmed name not just reconnect which is a word we have been seeing for way too long btw) and a small trailer for it at the end of the new dlc ReMind? i mean as stated previously that both projects were...
  5. Nyx Winters

    TV ► (SPOILERS) The Run Up To CRISIS (pun intended)

    So with the biggest arrowverse crossover about to begin (Spanning 5 hours) i'd like to take a look at the threads leading up to and changes to timeline and multiverse this crisis will cause, considering we have already lost earth 2 and that looks to be the first of many earths to fall. So i...
  6. Nyx Winters

    DLC dreams you know won’t come true

    I really hoped that we would one day see the sora-riku-kairi trio fight together as a team if not for a world at the least as a battle, i really thought we would get that instead of the sora mickey riku trio we got in the end.
  7. Nyx Winters

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    I swear to sephiroths mum's creepy head if after all this waiting if i dont get to see genises v cloud i will rage ...... maybe. Also is their any info on if seph will be playable in snippits like the original?
  8. Nyx Winters

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    Im really hoping we get genises as a secret boss at some point as he is alive through this one and i also gotta wonder if we will be getting dirge of cerberus easter eggs and foreshadows if not an outright side story run up to DOC
  9. Nyx Winters

    Star Wars: The Thread

    I think the better question is does that mean we will get a live action grey master ashoka???????
  10. Nyx Winters

    Spin-offs You Want to See (regardless of how much sense they make)

    but thats in-house right? with disney having 100% control they wouldnt have that kind of control with kingdom hearts
  11. Nyx Winters

    Star Wars: The Thread

    Im really hoping we get more mandalorian history and more new bounty hunter ships in the mandalorian next month
  12. Nyx Winters

    Are there other keyblade wielders besides the heroes we know?

    As we expand the scope of the series in the post kh3 titles (which im pretty sure nomura said he was intrested in doing) we will get an idea of why the keyblader count dropped so rapidly between ux and bbs (i feel like there are still hundreds after the first great war) so i still beleive we...
  13. Nyx Winters

    Why is the Demon Tide in the Keyblade Graveyard crazy huge?

    My theory is that the keyblade graveyard is a special world due to the amount of death and carnage between light and dark forces make it more easily accessible to pure forms of both (light being ephemers and the other keybladers of light sensing the precense of 7 lights in dire need) while the...
  14. Nyx Winters

    Spin-offs You Want to See (regardless of how much sense they make)

    But also to be fair star wars has not been involved in a crossover genre game not since like darth vader in soul calibur 3 i think. So there could be restrictions between offices
  15. Nyx Winters

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Red dead is overated and overdone
  16. Nyx Winters

    What games need current gen sequels?

    1. Jade cocoon - beautiful ghibli world with a monster catching raising and fusing system and a fun rpg all round ps1 1999 2. Dragon age origins remake 3. Infamous 3 4. Portal 3 5.sly raccoon
  17. Nyx Winters

    Why I Love Kingdom Hearts III, Plus a Question About the Re Mind DLC.

    Kh3 for me isnt just a game i waited for since i was young lad for its the game that convinved my partner to play and now he loves it (not as much as me but eh what can ya do) its also the reason i met and made friends with people so for me it is the best game in the series. Kh remind dlc what...
  18. Nyx Winters

    DISNEY Characters you think should've gotten a bigger role throughout the series?

    I actually really like theidea of going through each world and picking up a travel companion as you leave, imagine the possibilities at play there for a whole new solo sora game that gains members to his party and by the end you have 7 party members with a max use of 2-3 in the field at once...
  19. Nyx Winters

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    I really dont know how i feel about gigantamax eevee
  20. Nyx Winters

    Possible KH3 ReMind reddit leak

    Im sorry what rock?