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  1. animefreak!

    Critique Drawings Please

    Sora and Vanitas My OC Celisse, she has a robotic arm with blades for fingers. MY OC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can I get some critique on my drawings :3 Can critique all or some, whatever you prefer :3 I wanna get better at drawing so I'd like for some critique. I can't get critiques yet...
  2. animefreak!

    KH2, a terrible game?

    the game was way tooo easy even proud mode was way to easy and the game wasn't very long IMO
  3. animefreak!

    Sora is bad with computers

    i agree and yea it was funny
  4. animefreak!

    NEW SCAN! Minigame World Confirmed!

    so cool!! pete looks really lame but oh well Can't wait for the game to come out ^-^!!
  5. animefreak!

    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    uhh i voted for the Roxas and Xion cause i pwn with them XD so i choose them :)
  6. animefreak!

    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    I like to play Larxene, Roxas,Sora, and marluxia, oh and axel
  7. animefreak!

    Your favourite 'Kairi'?

    i prefer Xion or Namine ..ehh maybe xion
  8. animefreak!

    Roxas and "That Guy"....

    that may be plausable but they may just be describing sora to you know but say if it was sora now you would need to explain how sora got into all this i say that ven 's heart was somehow transferred to sora so ven and sora both share the same nobody roxas maybe?
  9. animefreak!

    Does anyone else feel fat?

    i know right! i guess they don't think about weight cause their "nobodies" so i guess they could careless if they eat it everyday as for me i would probably get sick of it after awhile or would i? I dunno lol
  10. animefreak!

    which path wud u hav taken

    i might've taken the same path as Riku or maybe light not darkness though
  11. animefreak!

    Sora Vs. Roxas

    aiiie!!Thats hard i like both cause they both are awesome i don't like one more than the other >.<
  12. animefreak!

    Do you still play the Gameboy Advance COM?

    of course i still do just not as much since 358/2 days came out
  13. animefreak!

    How Many of You have it?

    lol same here and its pretty good for where i am now i haven't been able to play a lot with homework,tennis practice and games all the time so its quite upsetting :(
  14. animefreak!

    How many of you are buying BBS?

    of course why wouldn't I?
  15. animefreak!

    Xion's Theme Music - Arranged

    awesome i like it a lot ^^
  16. animefreak!

    358/2 Days to be released October 1st

    that really sucks i guess the game doesn't come until a few days after the US release then
  17. animefreak!

    Ven is not Ven!

    thats sounds plausable and it would make sense as well
  18. animefreak!

    Ven is NOT Roxas or Sora

    possibly when ven said to aqua to erase him he became apart of sora after ven was erased maybe and thats why roxas looks like ven maybe?
  19. animefreak!

    Ven is NOT Roxas or Sora

    well i'm not saying that Ven is roxas or sora just that there is a connection between them thats all
  20. animefreak!

    who do you think.......

    i know and there isn't that much similarities to the heroes of KH i guess you can consider hayner as Riku and Olette as Kairi but sora as Pence i don't see it