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  1. Amazing

    Isao Machii=bullet cleaving bad ass

    I was browsing through tvtropes and I came across this: MAN CUTS A BB BULLET AT OVER 200 miles per hour at a distance of 70 feet That is some bad-ass shit. Sure it would be even cooler if it was a real one but regardless that is some classy stuff no? :cool:
  2. Amazing

    Scene KH3D most pumped about being dubbed + playing through?

    As the thread title says, no that we've seen most pivotal points in the game translated and seen the boss fights and levels what parts are you most excited about being converted to english and play?
  3. Amazing

    Film ► 21 Jump Street - MIB crossover film

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZirgAYBcOgo Jonah Hill from SuperBad Channing Tatum from G.I. Joe Ice Cube and more movie is freaking hilarious. Anybody see this film?
  4. Amazing

    Why is BBS vol. II so crucial? *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

    There needs to be a Kingdom Hearts BBS Vol.2 first or else people are going to bitch about how too much info explaining things from past games is crammed in KH III.
  5. Amazing

    Final world cinematic translations

    @Rokudaima Oops, my bad. :P You're awesome Krexia-chan ^^
  6. Amazing

    Final world cinematic translations

    @Krexia I love you girl! *u*
  7. Amazing

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Secret Ending (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLE ANOTATIONS)

    Eh, I appreciate it nonetheless Limeadelily. ^^
  8. Amazing

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora Meets ***** (Better Quality)

    Nice job. It almost feels like it was done by the actual dubbers of the english version.
  9. Amazing

    Anime/Manga ► Casshern Sins

    Show is friggin awesome. Anyone seen it? Probably one of the best Sci-fi, apocalyptic setting shows I've seen in like freaking ever.
  10. Amazing

    Kingdom Hearts is getting creepy...wouldn't you agree

    ^ Yeah, I know I was kupoing around :P T does sound the way to go.
  11. Amazing

    Kingdom Hearts is getting creepy...wouldn't you agree

    Phoque that boy. KH has long passed the childish elements. For petes sake, there's like 16 years old growing attached to the series.
  12. Amazing

    Kingdom Hearts is getting creepy...wouldn't you agree

    Hmmm Yeah, I do like the idea of an M-rated KH. I mean we've all grown up with KH and most of the fans are around teens to adult. ^^
  13. Amazing

    Kingdom Hearts is getting creepy...wouldn't you agree

    @thechaserblade Eh, I'll take an M-rated Kingdom Hearts manga instead.
  14. Amazing

    When Sora saves the tormented will the Kingdom Key still be his?

    As we're all clearly aware, the Kingdom Key resembles the handle designs of the X-blade. And as Xehanort stated: his power is a result of his heart being connected to people.
  15. Amazing

    Answer to the "Paradox"

    @loke13 Eh, I think AX's role is only the treachery that was the whole Ansem apprentices turn against him and banish him to the realm of nothingness.
  16. Amazing

    KH3D=Most well done mind rape scenes in E rated game?

    @Luap911 Eh whatever. The inclusion of that new rating to ESRB is stupid as hell.
  17. Amazing

    The Data hidden in Sora's body

    @Lunarmaster54 What he said.
  18. Amazing

    Xehanort Timeline

    Ohhh...my bad I thought he was referring to MX.
  19. Amazing

    Xehanort Timeline

    @Luap911 Unh-uh, Master Xehanort is the real Xehanort the whole package. Yen Sid explained that once your Heartless and Nobody are destroyed you're able to return from the dead.
  20. Amazing

    Xehanort Timeline

    Thanks, I think I understand the mechanics of time travel which YMX explained to Sora.