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  1. Key Wielder

    Fanfiction ► "Road to Dawn"

    Sorry—I only just saw this! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And it’s definitely wonderful to hear that that is what you took away from the story; it was what I was going for :D Thank you again!!
  2. Key Wielder

    Fanfiction ► "Road to Dawn"

    Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D
  3. Key Wielder

    Fanfiction ► "Road to Dawn"

    This is just a one-shot set between Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days, originally posted on my ffnet and AO3 accounts. ~*~ Saying goodbye was the hardest part. That was something he hadn’t really considered when he was little and decided that it was time to explore other worlds besides...
  4. Key Wielder

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 29 posted) Definitely Serah and Sazh--it was awesome that you included them! :D (I honestly would have expected Light before Serah, though!) Anyway, it was a great chapter, and I once again really love the detail you provided about the pictures. I...
  5. Key Wielder

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 28 posted) *late to review* Great chapter, Sephiroth! It's nice to see some development of a story on Kairi's side! I love your ideas on what her own pillar of awakening would be like (especially the fact that Axel is on it, in particular :D ), and...
  6. Key Wielder

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 27 posted) Sora not being able to access his own heart is just...wow. I'm glad it isn't Roxas being vindictive, but that also means it's probably not Ansem. Unversed, though--hmm... That sounds suspiciously like a certain troll we've all come to...
  7. Key Wielder

    So, in KH3D, is the final world...

    Not with Sora. When Riku arrives in the real TWTNW, you can move around Memory's Skyscraper with him and look; if you have already finished the game and still have that save file, just drop from Sora to Riku to see.
  8. Key Wielder

    Did anyone think...?

    I agree, these were the toughest boss battles yet for me, especially Young Xehanort. While he wasn't as difficult as his Mysterious Figure battle in BBS, the strategy necessary to defeat him gave the battle another dimension that added a certain level of difficulty. Everything about the battles...
  9. Key Wielder

    KH3D and the Room of Sleep *SPOILERS*

    There's a big divide as to whether Yen Sid meant that literally or not and I don't know what the final verdict is, but if they actually went back in time, their bodies would have been left behind and destined events such as Sora being swept off the islands and Riku vanishing into the darkness...
  10. Key Wielder

    KH3D and the Room of Sleep *SPOILERS*

    I do think he was probably communicating with YMX somehow in that room, and Mirby brings up a very good point. Perhaps that was the point at which he entered the Realm of Sleep, although it's said in the game and interviews that YMX does actually summon him, which is why he is there every time...
  11. Key Wielder

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You I think there wouldn't be thick enough earplugs in the world to block out the collective screams of despair around the world if that actually happened. *goes back to waiting silently*
  12. Key Wielder

    Final World with Sora.

    Re: The World That Never Was with Sora. Yes, that part is supposed to be muted. You'll find out what they were saying at the end of the game. I was worried about the same thing when I first saw it. Sora is just dreaming at that point when he appears in his KH2 attire, so it isn't a time...
  13. Key Wielder

    KH3D Final Mix Speculation Thread

    Like others have said, I don't really see a need for a Final Mix for this game. There was a lot given to us in the story, and it wasn't incomplete the way KH2 was. Adding another scenario really wouldn't make sense the way it did in the BBSFM. The story was pretty packed already, so I couldn't...
  14. Key Wielder

    About Terra and Master Xehanort

    That's a good point, although even if Terra is the thirteenth darkness, that doesn't mean Eraqus has been useless. It's a widespread theory that he will eventually leave that side and become one of the seven lights, in which case Eraqus's light remaining in his heart might be a huge factor in...
  15. Key Wielder

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 26 posted) Quite the unexpected happening in this chapter, to be sure, but it was very enjoyable. I like your take on Riku's thoughts and emotions as he sees what happened to Terra and begins to understand the parallels between them. Is he seeing...
  16. Key Wielder

    How to Enter the Sleeping Worlds

    Mr. Nomura said in a Famitsu interview that they took their bodies with them. If you mean when we see them asleep at the Mysterious Tower at the end, it is because Riku was diving into Sora's sleep/heart, not the realm of sleep.
  17. Key Wielder

    Confused About Young Xehanorts's Appearance

    He is a young version of Master Xehanort from before he left the islands to train alongside Eraqus.
  18. Key Wielder

    Sora and the MoM

    By the time they returned to the Mysterious Tower, any growth would have been obvious even if Yen Sid couldn't see the process. Riku's growth was simply more visible by the end, so even while Yen Sid wasn't able to see their actions throughout the time that they were in the realm of sleep, he...
  19. Key Wielder

    Sora and the MoM

    It may have had to do with more than just whether or not they actually did what they needed to do. Or, to go with Hillboy's analogy, who had the essay of better quality rather than who just answered the question. Riku had a lot of growth, moving from doubting his ability to wield a Keyblade at...
  20. Key Wielder

    There's still one question that kinda bugs me........

    At the end of the scene with Sora and the Dream Eaters in Traverse Town after the credits, they show him in Castle Oblivion and he smiles.