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  1. misinformed

    BBS Website update

    The BBS website has been updated..... It's no longer that one page with the info on it KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep I don't know if this has already been said.... but it's new to me, so enjoy! :)
  2. misinformed

    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    Haha...no worries xD.....that was ...2 years agoish? So I was like 13ish? haha....So i guess i was a kid (and still am ;P) Still....embarresing :D
  3. misinformed

    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    I'm looking forward to finally playing as a girl..(not that I don't love playinga as sora, roxas,etc. but being my own gender would be nice) Oh and I can't wait for the new worlds! I swear if i have to go back to halloween town or agrabah one more time..... AND watching/playing scenes that...
  4. misinformed

    am i the only one...

    it's in the first calm bounty room you open in Agrabah. if you never opened one there you wouldn't get one.
  5. misinformed

    Organization 13? How bout 14?

    I dunno...their hair was all the color they needed to express their personality. The cloaks were a nice touch in my opinion
  6. misinformed

    Fanfiction ► La Compilation (Kingdom Hearts: AU Infinities One Shot Series)

    Re: La Compilation des Histoires de Reino Corazones Interesting and clever. The one thing i'd like to say though, is that some descriptions were closely followed by another and i couldn't appreciate them as much then. It was like i was being rushed to one thing to another. (not sure if i'm...
  7. misinformed

    Am I Alone on This?

    Ah really~!? I liked riku getting his own part... and actually, i wouldn't call it half of the game It was much quicker than sora's side :) so more like a fourth of the game~?
  8. misinformed

    Am I Alone on This?

    most definately~!!! Agreed word for word:)
  9. misinformed

    KH BBS playable characters and MX's apprentice's true identity

    What if we get to go save mickey~!? :D no but seriously.....it probably will be like KH2.... As for DS...i'm just gunna sit around and find out :)
  10. misinformed

    Who else here hates premium cards?

    they were OK and i would use them....but i never went to go look for them or anything (so for me, premium room=useless!!!) So if i got 'em I was like....SHINY!!!! :D! and thats that.......but i don't hate them.
  11. misinformed

    original keyblade master~?

    Ummm....so apparently riku was supposed to get the keyblade and not sora~? How do we know this~? I feel like i'm missing something....:unsure: