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  1. Kaiku

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Fateful Destiny

    Well done. I like the idea and it's a good thing you got a beta to go over it all and stuff...yep...Umm...I'm trying to be positive. ^^
  2. Kaiku

    Destruction of Hearts and Minds (Original & Literate RP)

    Yay! You're now looking at my new role-play. I have come back after starting school with a new fire! So I am trying to test something out here. Let us see how we do. Read everything plese. Thank you. :thumbsup: Plot/Story In many regions and factions it is called something different, but...
  3. Kaiku

    Clamp at AX'06

    Alright, for anyone who knows about Anime Expo and/or Clamp you know that Clamp was present at Anime Expo 2006. I saw nothing on this topic so I started this thread. Well while at the convention this year they were interviewed and asked many questions regaurding their many manga. Here is a link...
  4. Kaiku

    Naruto: Akatsuki

    "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall." “That makes four of us left.” Said the dark silhouette of a man, he took a pondering pose for a moment then turned to three other men standing around him. “Alright, I want you three to obtain seven new members...
  5. Kaiku

    Kiseki Academy: Attempt at Peace

    “So you think you’re hot stuff don’t you, you stupid Ear!?” yelled a boy with fangs and claws growing out. “I don’t know why you Ears and Norms think you’re all so great but we Fangs are much better then you!” “Calm down no one said anything about being better.” Said a female with small...
  6. Kaiku

    Bleach: Shukumei (Kaiku and SnG Production)

    “There is much more to life long after death.” Shinigami Gods of Death, Soulreapers or, Deathgods, are a group of enforcers and psychopomps. They are pure-spirit beings; their bodies are composed of reishi. To beings who are not spiritually aware (including most humans), a shinigami is...
  7. Kaiku

    Fanfiction ► Millennuim Hearts (Yuugiou/KH)

    He couldn’t believe where he was. In a place of complete darkness. He seemed to welcome it, but it proved quite difficult to accept it. But this place seemed so familiar, even if it was warming in the heart. As if he had been here before.Not in his dreams, either. More like in his soul and mind...
  8. Kaiku

    Fanfiction ► The Traveler

    Intresting. i kinda liked it. ^^ Could have been a little longer though.
  9. Kaiku

    OMG Sora's hurt!!

    :scared:Yes you heard me I’m like watching the news with my mom right now and they said that Haley Joel Osment is in the histopal after getting into a car accident!! Apperently at 2am he lost control of his car and flipped it onto the roof. He's not in any life danger but he did get hurt. He is...
  10. Kaiku

    Granted Dreams

    “For every person living in light, there is a shadow to be cast.” There is a voice somewhere in the distant sky calling for someone. The voice sounds like it is in pain, crying as it tries to call for the only ones that can hear it. Things in the universe are beginning to take shape as some...
  11. Kaiku

    Who was the coolest enemy in CoM?

    AXEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ I love that guy, but Zexion was cool too.
  12. Kaiku

    Kingdom Hearts: Twilight Door (Kaiku & RabidItachiFan Production)

    “Darkness and light are as eternal as the people that believe they exist.” Not long after receiving a letter from King Mickey Riku and Sora must leave again to seek peace for the worlds. Before leaving they had informed Kairi that they had gotten another letter telling them that the red head...
  13. Kaiku

    things in kh that kh2 missed.

    I found the lack of the Soft restart and Dodge roll adility annoying!! >,< I hope he puts them back in the next one...or whatever...blah. I'm rusty on my news so don't mind me too much.
  14. Kaiku

    Pokémon:New Stroy & Ragnarök

    Pokémon:New Stroy & Ragnarök It is now twelve years after Ash became the Kanto champion. He is now helping young trainers start their own journeys and helping them pick a path that they want to travel on. This year the batch of trainers he is getting are a little different. He cannot really...
  15. Kaiku

    Dark Games (Literate & Original Role-Play)

    Set hundreds of years in the past and in another domain lived a world of magic, murder, and betrayal. The king trying to hold onto power falls under the blade of the black hearted knight, the knight becomes the new king and rebellion begins against him and his unjust ways. That may sound...
  16. Kaiku

    What did You...

    Umm....I think the first time I named it Kurama...back when I liked Kurama...I think the latest one was Krad? Iono, haven't played in a while.
  17. Kaiku

    KH2 Favorite character

    1.Sora Valor Form 2. Axel
  18. Kaiku

    Fanfiction ► Missing, Returned, and Running (KH Fic.)

    The rest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Riku, where have you been?” Sora asked as he sat next to the teen he had found sitting at a desk with his head down and a hood over his head. “Don’t look at me.” Riku said burying his head farther in his...
  19. Kaiku

    how did you get KH2?

    I came home from college and my mom had picked it up, but I wanted to beat the crap out of my brothers for opening my game!!!
  20. Kaiku

    Fanfiction ► Missing, Returned, and Running (KH Fic.)

    Missing, Returned, and Running It had been a year since Sora and Riku have returned home. How did their family and other friends react when they came back after a year of being missing? How do they feel about the two teens now? Implied Shonen-ai “Speaking” ‘Thinking’ (‘ “) emphasized words ( ”...