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  1. bigbadcloud

    Making a KH game

    I'm making a kh game of my own it takes place before kh BBS I call it kh before the darkness . I have most of the game completed but I'm still having trouble with the world maps in game downloads the storylineI still need to work on the world maps.Dynamis and uh Keyblade weapons on starting...
  2. bigbadcloud

    Is it possible to beat re:coded lv1?

    well when i get recoded i shall try it first hand days feels lout better on the 3ds useing the control pad and the slider as well to move the camra
  3. bigbadcloud

    Xemnas' ....

    yea but i right this theroy befor the game came out in japan
  4. bigbadcloud

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced My game stop still has a buch of MoM left xD I might get 2 or 3 but ill just stick with the one i have now :P
  5. bigbadcloud

    Brandy games 3D guide book!

    I was lookin around amazon .com and game stop to look for my extra copy of 3D and i noticed that they both had a releses date for the Guide book its really big its priced at $19.95.
  6. bigbadcloud

    Xemnas' ....

    Man i cant baleave half of my theory was rightim so happy!
  7. bigbadcloud

    Regarding KH3d

    so was the only 2 secret bosses so far was the secret Dream frog and juies? also whats the 3 uletament dream eaters aka the top 3 best dream eaters
  8. bigbadcloud

    Regarding KH3d

    form what i have seenis that you keep your fream eaters nothng elses wile on critcal modeand gaing lvls is 5x as harded.
  9. bigbadcloud

    Do you have questions for the team from KHI that went to E3?

    Was there any mention of the world ends with you sequal? Did they say when the demo on 3d relesses? Also was there any thing added to the game thats not in the japan version expet for the gltiches that halt game play? PS. for lol's Sigh will you go out on a date with me? xD
  10. bigbadcloud

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    i saw the trailer on the e shop but i cant download it :( When will the demo arive?
  11. bigbadcloud

    Xemnas' ....

    im trying to clear up the mess of when xemnas and ansem was brout to the present and tell you how xemnas got his no heart armor!
  12. bigbadcloud

    Xemnas' ....

    sorry for the wall of text! o_o
  13. bigbadcloud

    Young MX

    maybe just maybe terra nort did come back but YMX stabed him to make ASOD and xemnas again but befor that as showen in the begaing of the game you saw every one on the floor and terra nort stabed brag again so thats why we have xigbar
  14. bigbadcloud

    Xemnas' ....

    Basicly the whole deal is YX was in the inbetween path way when he time traviled he first when to BBS time fight terra ven , or aqua! Then jumped ship to KH1 Or right befor KH1 to pick up ansem and xemnas told ansem to travel back in time to him anesm then tavel for ward in time to were he ment...
  15. bigbadcloud

    I'm certain of this now

    i think master trollnorts plains is not to make 1 X-blade but to make 7 X-Blades as they said 7 hearts of light and 13 darknesses you take out 7 of them you get 6 left and how many people did they show in kh3D 6 of them so the other 7 hoodys will combine with the 7 hearts oof pure light to make...
  16. bigbadcloud


    well that expains how zexion aged i guess
  17. bigbadcloud

    Lea fights like...

    Ok look at it this way YMX had the etheral blades way befor he had a keyblade yet we seen him use both in 3D .
  18. bigbadcloud

    About to begin Lv 1 Critical Playthrough on KH2FM. Any tips or suggestions?

    ok basicly if you are doimg a lvl 1 run on crtical yes it is best to avoid most of the attacks Gaurd and doge roll are your best friends when it comes to that the hardest boss i faced at lvl 1 was roxas and the 2nd boss form pride lands the rest was pretty easy
  19. bigbadcloud

    Possible KH3D secret bosses. (Take it with a grain of salt)

    Well it seems that the 2nd secret boss has appeared he is loked at TWTNW his name is Anti-Cloak Figure he seems the same as Red Eyes- Nightmare but is alot more powerfull and has a sheald around him just like julles
  20. bigbadcloud

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Guys we got a porblum i can get to any of the kh ddd stream they are all blocked