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  1. Sonicfan2525

    News ► Otocoto reveals history of how Kingdom Hearts got approved by Eisner

    I finally took the time to read through this, and i'm blown away. What a neat piece of history! Especially for someone who is a massive nerd for Disney's history lol. Honestly, Eisner approving the project is both hilarious to think about and surprising. I would have expected him to turn it...
  2. Sonicfan2525

    News ► More Kingdom Hearts merchandise includes Donald & Goofy Plushies, AirPod Pro Case

    I want to cry every time I see Donald. I can't handle it. He's too cute. I have to have him.
  3. Sonicfan2525

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Nendoroid appears to be in development by Good Smile Company

    As dope as this is, i'm a little peeved that we didn't get KH1 Kairi or KH2 Sora and Roxas first. Part of the reason why I haven't gotten Riku or Mickey yet is because I keep hoping they'll make those other characters (well...that and the lack of money). Still, it's exciting that they're...
  4. Sonicfan2525

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Nomura say that Disney wanted to make a movie for KH instead of being so involved with KH3? Because if so, the bit about the UE4 pilot just makes this whole thing even more plausible. I have wanted a KH TV series for years now. Specifically an anime...
  5. Sonicfan2525


    I'm really annoyed that someone ended up leaking out this information after all. We were going to get all this tomorrow, so it just feels pointless that it even happened. That said, I love everything that was leaked. The game looks gorgeous, and I love little details like the Pizza Planet car...
  6. Sonicfan2525

    RUMOR:New World Leaked And Will be Revealed In Early April

    Yeah i'm calling massive amounts of BS on this. The previous 4Chan leak was fake, and it wouldn't shock me at all if this is too. It's just not a very reliable source for this kind of stuff. Even if we're in the release year, I can't see them releasing a new trailer before E3. Maybe some...
  7. Sonicfan2525

    Rumor: New World(?) and Q3 Release

    Sorry if I am reading this wrong, but I don't think the opening with Roxas in KH2 was pointless at all? I mean I suppose some of the story beats were pointless, but the overall prologue is very important to Roxas as a character and his role in the story. That said, I don't think an opening...
  8. Sonicfan2525

    Rumor: New World(?) and Q3 Release

    TWEWY being announced for the switch does add a bit of validity to this, and a lot of what they're saying does indeed sound believable. But I still think it's just someone trying to take advantage of all the recent leaks. 4Chan is a really difficult source to trust, and the comments about how...
  9. Sonicfan2525

    News ► Official TWEWY Mr. Mew Plush currently in production

    YES! Now let's get some new figures made!
  10. Sonicfan2525

    News ► The World Ends With You -Final Remix- announced for the Nintendo Switch

    Super hyped about this! I own the original DS version but I never got around to beating it. Now I can pick up the new version and finally finish it!
  11. Sonicfan2525

    News ► Yen Press to release Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days The Novel in June 2018

    I'm definitely much more excited that the BBS novelization is finally going to make it stateside, but i'm looking forward to Days novel as well! On another note, does Nomura consider extra stuff in the novelizations canon? I have seen a few people give different answers for this so I was just...
  12. Sonicfan2525

    RUMOR: More Monsters Inc. screenshots from KINGDOM HEARTS 3?

    Basically yes. There are no pictures of an actual Frozen world, but shots and conceptual art for the movie, implying they are using them as reference for a Frozen world. Of course nothing is confirmed until Disney and Square confirm it themselves. Even though it's painfully obvious that we...
  13. Sonicfan2525

    RUMOR: More Monsters Inc. screenshots from KINGDOM HEARTS 3?

    Well regardless, I think it has to be real now. I don't know how anyone could have enough time or energy to do ALL of this just for it to be a hoax. They would have to be excellent at making models and environments, or just be godly when it comes to photoshop. But, like others have pointed out...
  14. Sonicfan2525

    RUMOR: Screenshots of Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts 3 potentially leaked?

    Man it's been awhile since i've seen a rumor get the community talking THIS much. And it's easy to see why. I think there are enough arguments to support both sides, and I personally think it could be either/or. A lot of the weird design choices and inconsistencies could be blamed on it being an...
  15. Sonicfan2525

    Birth by Sleep: Jump Festa 2008 Trailer

    You know, this is the very first time I have ever seen this particular trailer in motion (I seen some of the footage from this one, but I have only ever seen the opening scene in stills). It's kind of amazing how much the game changed from its announcement to the time it released. Some of the...
  16. Sonicfan2525

    Bond, Air, Coming Mugs and Bags Revealed

    I wish they were the more colorful versions, but I am gonna need that 'Coming' mug!
  17. Sonicfan2525

    News ► Patch Notes Available for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX

    It should be available to you right from the start if it was properly installed. I got the collection for my birthday recently and the theater mode along with every cutscene was available for me the moment it was installed, and I hadn't even gotten off the Destiny Islands yet on my save file...
  18. Sonicfan2525

    News ► Patch 1.04 released for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX

    Great! I'm happy they are listening to complaints and at least trying their best to fix all of these problems (even though a lot of this could have probably been avoided if they had just done more extensive and thorough bug testing).
  19. Sonicfan2525

    News ► Patch Notes Available for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX

    Seeing the fight with Xion is going to be great! It should have been there to begin with, but i'll take this over nothing. Though I do wish that we got a new cutscene that connects to KH3 in some way.
  20. Sonicfan2525

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX Patch releasing June 12th

    I was legit just thinking about how there are still several issues that need fixing in the PS4 collection. Really happy to hear about this! Guess they realized that a lot of people would be picking up the collection/going back to it after that trailer!