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  1. Square2

    Limited Edition Sony Walkman and Headphones announced

    Not sure if anyone saw this or if it's been posted elsewhere, but it looks like Sony has announced a LE Walkman and Headphones decorated with KH3 designs. It's on the pricy side for what it is and seems to be only for Japan at this point...
  2. Square2

    New Trailer, PS4 Pro Unboxing, and Gameplay

    Not sure if this has already been posted elsewhere, but a new Gameplay Overview video has been posted on the Official Kingdom Hearts YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh6Pr2gSJfY&t=4s
  3. Square2

    Kingdom Hearts Music Selection Track List & Visual Art Collection Detailed!

    Is there ever a chance that amazing bundles like this wI'll be available for regions other than Japan? I know we can order them and get Japanese versions, but will there ever be a super-spectacular CE for NA? I guess if anything, we'd be waiting for KH3, but who knows when that will be :/
  4. Square2

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? Even though KH3 is headed toward the sort of animation that has a more smooth, cgi look to it, I'm not really feeling any of the Pixar-type movies just yet. If it had to be a Pixar movie, I'd probably choose Toy Story, since...
  5. Square2

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- North American Limited Edition!

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but on the kingdom hearts site where you can preorder the game, besides just amazon and the square enix store, the preorder upgrade seems to be available at GameStop as well.
  6. Square2

    When will 2.5 be announced

    I was really hoping they would announce 2.5 at this past TGS, but deep down I felt like it'd be announced later, like at D23 expo in October. Forgive me if I'm wrong here, but I remember Nomura saying he wanted to wait for D23 to announce something new, whether it be KH3 or 2.5, because it's a...
  7. Square2

    Game help questions? Post here!

    Did you finish the game? I think the portal only appears once the game has been beaten.
  8. Square2

    A Trivial Question Regarding Sea-Salt Ice Cream

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, it came in a cup instead of on a stick.
  9. Square2

    A Trivial Question Regarding Sea-Salt Ice Cream

    I think it's possible that Ventus could've had it from that ice cream thing in Disneytown, but I believe that it's actually Roxas just not remembering that he had it a few days ago. When Roxas exclaims that it's salty, but also sweet, Axel mentions something about how Roxas said that before...
  10. Square2

    Final Mix trophy questions

    Thanks for the speedy replies! It's great to know that I won't have to do a whole playthrough in one sitting. Although I'd love to, I don't think it's a good idea.
  11. Square2

    Final Mix trophy questions

    Hey, guys, I don't know about the rest of you, but I am loving the HD remasters! It's all so.. so beautiful. Anyway, I had some questions about the speedster and undefeated trophies. First, for the speedster trophy, do the 15 hours include the time I'm not playing..? This might be a dumb...
  12. Square2

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Trailer and Screens!

    On the bright side, the screens and trailer look gorgeous and the game is set to release soon! Can't wait!
  13. Square2

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Trailer and Screens!

    Not only is the command menu all boggled, there's no health :O Invincibility. I think this is the only screen of this batch where this happened.
  14. Square2

    IGN preview of Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    I guess he was trying to avoid showing cutscenes or something, but you're right, he could've shown a little more. Then again, it was just a peek into what the HD actually looks like.
  15. Square2

    IGN preview of Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    From what he said, I assume that he only played the original KH. It is a little disappointing how inept he is, but I'm sure Kingdom Hearts isn't his mainstay and he probably hasn't played it in a while. That coupled with new controls could be a little difficult. I just thought it'd be nice to...
  16. Square2

    IGN preview of Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    IGN has posted a 10 minute video, showing gameplay and talking generally about what the Kingdom Hearts series is. It's a good look into the HD-ified Tarzan world of Deep Jungle! What Does Kingdom Hearts HD Actually Look Like? - IGN Video
  17. Square2

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Artbook Trailer!

    Possible look at the Artbook pre-order bonus I decided to take a look at the HD Re:Mix page today and I was prompted by this message to preorder now! I almost closed it, but I noticed that there was a preview for the artbook bonus. Maybe this is closer to what the final product will look...
  18. Square2

    Cinderella Heart Station

    I noticed this in the PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts, but has anyone ever wondered why Cinderella has brown hair in her heart station? Its even in the HD remaster, so I was wondering if they chose not to fix it. I think she's supposed to be blonde... I think.
  19. Square2

    KH 1.5 advertisement

    Yeah, just the E3 trailer so far. Hopefully there will be more :OOOOO It came up when I was watching something KH related anyway, so I got a double dose.
  20. Square2

    KH 1.5 advertisement

    Just saw an ad for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Re:Mix on YouTube! Super excited. Keep an eye out for it, guys!