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    Fanfiction ► Green Eggs and Heartless

    Brilliant 8D Love the flow the whole thing has. I definitely lol'd a few times.
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    Demyx's Theme Song?!

    Has anyone else heard "the Sitar Song" by Dr. Bombay? That song is so frickin' catchy. And it matches Demyx so well! :36: Go search it on YouTube. It makes me laugh every time I hear it. Seeing as I'm going to soon be cosplaying Demyx, I also thought it would be appropriate to learn that song...
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    Top 10 Best DS Games of 2009

    I'm not surprised it was on that list. Days is a pretty badass game. I may not have finished it yet, but I fell in love with it in the first world. Along with all the other Kingdom Hearts games, I fell in love with them, too. It's a well deserved victory for KH and Days alike.
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    Roxas vs. Sora

    Roxas is definitely one of my favourite characters of KH. I don't know why, but the depth and hatred he has for himself and his "non-existent" past make him all the more to sympathize with. You really can't feel anything but love and sorrow for the poor boy. I mean, he's a Nobody, which would...
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    How do you pronounce the character names?

    I was watching this video on youtube the other day, and they were saying the names different from what I normally say. They did have accents, but that's not what I'm getting at. They just completely said a different name. Examples: Marluxia -- My way of saying his name: Mar-lux-ee-ah Their way...
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    Thanks for all the opinions on this game. I'm now really tempted to just rush out and buy it. I'm leaning really hard towards Re: CoM, but I'd like to try the original version... Eventually! I'll prolly just get Re: CoM, seeing as I have no idea where my GBA is. *Would look, but is too lazy.*...
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    Do you guys recommend that I get Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories? I feel left out, seeing as that is the only game that I do not own, let alone have not played before. I've played Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and am currently playing 358/2 Days. I'm almost completely clueless as to what CoM is...
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    Hello insanity; goodbye boredom.

    Just thought I'd introduce myself to the insanity. I have a feeling, a very great feeling, that I'm going to like it here. And I also have a feeling that this forum is a lot cooler than the previous forum I was on, which died a few days after I discontinued my account on it. Send me a message...