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  1. FinalKingdmBlade

    Z.H.P: Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman

    went back 5 pages and didn't see a single topic about it sooooooooooo Z.H.P: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman anyone else feel their lives and money slipping away with each passing second in the trailer??
  2. FinalKingdmBlade

    Small Plot Hole

    wait i forgot, was that scene after the events of Disney Town (like shown after the dream festival was "over") or during the ending/secret ending? cause if it took place during the secret ending, it could be that he was just put in prison for a bit, mickey returned, and he dealt the final...
  3. FinalKingdmBlade

    So...About Zack...(smal really small spoiler)

    honestly, i think he's coming back, i mean think about it, he has to become a hero and go on that date with aqua ;)
  4. FinalKingdmBlade

    KH BBSFM trailer

    i'm less excited about this now =/ i mean if its released state side then i'll probably get it, but i'm not going out of my way to import it, even if i do get clouds kh look in dissidia duodecim
  5. FinalKingdmBlade

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Do we still not have any clue whats his place in this world? Figuring this out is the key to understanding the rest of the KH franchise! I'll be in the Chamber of Understanding! L00gnj3jeQo (i just wanted an excuse to post this video lol)
  6. FinalKingdmBlade

    BBSFM mirage arena has a MONSTRO stage + ventus new keyblade + other general info

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF DAMN IT SE STOP STEALING MY MONEY D; BBS, Dissidia Duodecim, Third Birthday, and now, if theres enough new things to truly warrent a purchase, this! I've only ever gotten 1 final mix, that was KH2, but that had enough extra content to ensure a purchase, so we shall see...
  7. FinalKingdmBlade

    Ienzo's aging

    makes sense to me, its what i was thinking when i was reading your first paragraph
  8. FinalKingdmBlade

    I FAILED!!!!!!!!!

    just go buy it at any moogle shop. block = guard
  9. FinalKingdmBlade

    I FAILED!!!!!!!!!

    abilities you have to get from command charging as for the reports, just get all the treasure chests (i don't know where 8 is but its somewhere in treasure chest land i'm sure) and beat the second iron prisoner match in the arena and as for the fight? block, run, heal lol it would also help if...
  10. FinalKingdmBlade

    Whoa, glitch noticed

    i saw another glitch, i was facing MF and he killed me with his lazers, but in the process was using his slingshot grapple thingy and when i died that thing was flopping all over the place lol
  11. FinalKingdmBlade

    Mysterious Figure Defeated lvl 43 w/ Ventus

    i'm just about to go against MF (well when i get some sleep lol) as a lvl 51 ventus with either void gear or ultima, any advice?
  12. FinalKingdmBlade

    An Aesthetic Observation

    thats what i thought at some point, that someone used the xblade and just went to town lol
  13. FinalKingdmBlade

    Terra's Amour

    i actually think he would have had a better chance if he summoned the armor earlier, cause without the armor he had no protection whatsoever
  14. FinalKingdmBlade

    An Aesthetic Observation

    well thats just the graphical limitations of the psp lol if you also notice they're just sprites and not actual 3d keyblades lol repeasting 3 or 4 sprites hundreds of times is better then hundreds of different sprites
  15. FinalKingdmBlade

    An Aesthetic Observation

    so we know that nomura isn't going to make a game that takes place farther back then birth by sleep, but what if SE/Disney produced a book/book series about the keyblade wars, would you guys consider getting it/them? i'd be really interested as to what took place honestly
  16. FinalKingdmBlade

    Favorite Quote?

    i like how 626 can say ven and terra's name fine, but when he goes for aqua he's all "a-koo-wa" lol
  17. FinalKingdmBlade

    Whoa, glitch noticed

    it all makes sense!!! MF IS EVIL TIME TRAVELING DATA KAIRI!!!!
  18. FinalKingdmBlade

    Whoa, glitch noticed

    i swear there was two, maybe it was just a one time thing, but i swear there was a kairi in her normal spot and a kairi behind aqua's legs
  19. FinalKingdmBlade

    Whoa, glitch noticed

    i just saw a glitch in one of the cutscenes, don't know if it was a one time thing or not, but in the scene where aqua finds kairi and then mickey tells her to take her some place safe and its a shot with aqua standing there and kairi behind her, there are two kairis, i'm gonna see if i can snap...
  20. FinalKingdmBlade

    Questions about Terra, Riku and Sora...

    yeah, its explained in vens story