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  1. Kleith

    Terra's future ?

    I think everybody is ditching Terra WAY too much. In my opinion, he will have an important role to play. Just by looking at the facts, there's no way his story is over that easily... I mean, besides having just one cameo or something, or just being "saved". What we knew before BBS : -...
  2. Kleith

    *Spolier* Connection between Ven and Sora.

    Well, at one point Nomura said that no. For the sake of the story, we'll just assume that he didn't want to spoil BBS, and that yes, they can use 2 keyblades because they have 2 hearts. Sora's and Ven's. Makes much more sense than "they just didn't use it at the exact same minute but it's the...
  3. Kleith

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Coded will probably be even worst than Days. But yeah it will feature a secret ending, Nomura confirmed that.
  4. Kleith

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Well if it is the Terra's part "nobody like Naminé", maybe he just came back to see his homeworld before it got destroyed. But he didn't want to interfere (for whatever reason, maybe he couldn't). That's a good reason in my opinion. I don't see who else would came here to do nothing...
  5. Kleith

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Why couldn't it be the second nobody of Terranort ? With 2 hearts within the body, Xemnas was the evil one, maybe this "kinda familiar" nobody is Terra's part ? Only thing making that impossible would be the time. And it's completely hinted that doesn't matter anymore. Maybe he can't "really"...
  6. Kleith

    I was curious about this

    Depends which save. You can't fight the mysterious figure in the Last Episode.
  7. Kleith

    Just one day for europeans!

    Tomorrow seems SO FAR AWAYYYYYYY.
  8. Kleith

    K3DS Plot?!!

    If your not a fan of the KH plot then why did you join? >.> => You can be fan of BBS KH 1 Kh 2 and COM in some extent because it was well done and it was the first one to do it. But having another convenient plot where beings don't exist and forget about them,(xion) where there's AGAIN another...
  9. Kleith

    Birth By Sleep Hype Compared to KHII's

    I'm not sure BBS will get super reviews since some lame reviewers already said "the story was too convoluted" and crap like this. But having done the jap version, I can tell you the game is fantastic. It's for me far better than I expected, I loved it much more than I did like KH 2, which was a...
  10. Kleith

    [Discussion]Critical mode new extra features

    No way. You don't want to use them, just don't equip them. I don't see how "having a lame character not able to do anything" has anything to do with skills. Also, the EXP is a problem, for one point, it's not interesting to play the game if your commands don't level up. So it would only be...
  11. Kleith

    The secret boss could be....

    KH 1 final mix, the unknown : "We know he's familiar with the name Ansem, but that can't be him, right ?". Well in a certain way, it was him. Kh 2 final mix, LS : Wow he's exactly like Terra. I'm sure he's somehow related to Terra. Well, in a certain way, he was. Kh BBS : He has Xemnas'...
  12. Kleith

    5 Neverland Screens

    That world is probably one flaw of the game : YOU CAN NOT FLY ... I mean it's like the first thing you would think about... but no, you can't :( . Roaming Neverland and being forced to walk is kinda hard. I think even in Days you could fly.
  13. Kleith

    Riku Plot for KH:3D? Theory

    It's stated in the game that Terra doesn't control his darkness, he thinks he does but he doesn't. There's several mention of his "light" during the game, so of course he had some. It's also said his light seems much weaker than Ven's and Aqua's, because of his darkness. So if the "darkness"...
  14. Kleith

    The secret boss could be....

    It's either a form of MX, Terra, or Eraqus. Can't be anybody else.
  15. Kleith

    Is this true?!

    I can only fight him with Aqua O_o how do you fight him with Ven and Terra ?
  16. Kleith

    Is this true?!

    That is wrong on so many level ... - "Ansem... ?" "I'm familiar with the name", we couldn't know what was Xemnas at the time, but everyone pretty much guessed he was related to Ansem (sod , at the time, thought to be the only Ansem) - EVERYBODY thought LS was Terra, since LS appeared in the...
  17. Kleith

    IGN: No plans ofr BbS on PSN

    Guys, I don't want to be rude or anything, but that's kinda ridiculous. Hackers never needed PSN releases to hack and dump games. The second BBS will be out in the US, it will be online :/ ... Though, the japanese version protection lasted 7 months.
  18. Kleith

    Is this true?!

    Sorry for the spoilers, I'm used to talk about the boss in the spoiler section and I forgot we weren't in it.. I edited it. But the guy who quoted it should edit his own post now.
  19. Kleith

    Is this true?!

  20. Kleith

    Is this true?!

    True. But I just tried it, it's not as easy as it seems. ;D