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    What the hell? FFXIII US and Japanese endings are mirrored.[SPOILER]

    Japanese Ending English Ending Images: Japanese Enlgish Or at least some parts of it are.
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    New Interview From Rebirth Wings [Need Translation]

    Is anyone else not surprised that hes not making KH3? how fucking predictable.
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: BBS DATED FOR NA HAHA They compared BBS to Star Wars. XD
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    the kh2fm secret ending - to the ingame scene

    Does anyone have a complete rendition of secret ending in BBS followed with "Fate of the Unknown"?
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    Unversed Boss Battle music...sounds the same backwards and forwards

    Only heard the reversed version but, I heard the the original before and I must say that it is indeed very similar.
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    Where is Master Eraqus's Heart?

    I thought of it this way. When MX went into Terra's body, Terra's heart frought to keep MX's heart out. Thus, fracturing it when, MX's heart got in. So, majority of Terra's heart remaining in his body along with Master Xehanort's heart and Master Eraqus's heart. Since, Terra's heart got...
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    TAV keyblades in KH2 Secret Ending

    Great observation. :D Ven to Riku and Sora to Terra? Now, that you think about it, it would have been better if it was Terra picks up Riku and Ven picks up Sora's. Either way, it a symbol showing how their fates are connected to Sora and co.
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    There you have it everyone..on MX

    Its amazing how he has the same hair style like Terra. I doubt it him. Its Terranort, my guess.
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    So are they...

    Roxas is still Sora's nobody. Since, Ven is within Sora's heart, it affected the way that Sora's nobody looks.
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    [Spoilers..] why does Cor look like Cow

    But how did Terranort copy them if we had never been CO?
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    The Connection Between Riku and Master Xehanort (Spoilers)

    Re: Riku and MX connection(Spoilers like always) Well spotted. Though the only thing I am having trouble with is why people think the SHD is Master Xehanort. It would think that is it Terranort only older.
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    Two Mysteries Solved

    Great theory. Agree with almost everything but the X-Blade part, isn't the other half of the blade the Invert Kingdom Key.
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    And this Chamber of Waking is in Castle Oblivion? Formerly known as Land of Departure?
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    (Caution: Spoilers) Concerning Xehanort and Terra

    The scene with Ven and Terra wasn't meant to be taken as literal. It was a symbolic scene showing that those people need Sora's help. The others saying Sora don't necessarily need his help (Roxas, Namine, Axel, Xion), for all we know the scene is is just showing how everyone is connected to Sora.
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    The Secret Reports [Number One Posted]

    Who is he talking about here? So, Master Eraqus succeeded their master.
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    MX's intentions

    We have no idea what happens when Kingdom Hearts is summoned. Something is suppose to happen if it can be summoned. But isn't the Kingdom Hearts in KH2 an artificial KH. It only could have been created if heartless existed. But, more people thought of the KH in BBS as the original KH.
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    MX's intentions

    Immortality is fine. But, stealing someone body to obtain it. Seems like its been done before. Just can't figure out where. A new means of obtaining it would be better.
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    MX's intentions

    Has to something with Kingdom Hearts? I don't know. Why did he summon it in the first place?
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    MX's intentions

    Immortality? Thats what he wanted. How original, Nomura.
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    Just trying to clarify... (secret ending related)

    The scene Sora with the letter from Mickey should take place after the events of Coded. Coded would conclude and Mickey would know who those are that are in "torment", therefore he would contact Sora.