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  1. TheOtherPromise

    Kevin Quinn plays Gula in Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover

    lol its not left field at all. Most of the people in Kingdom Hearts have been in something disney. Hayley Joel Osment was in the Jungle Book 2 and Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas. Jesse Mccartney has an album on the disney record label (Hollywood Records), which was advertised on...
  2. TheOtherPromise

    Is Kairi a "mary-sue"?

    Agreed. Although, I dont think Sora was a full mary sue in KH 1. He had some mary sue moments but overall his attitude didn't strike me as overly perfect. He seemed really determined to prove himself because no one believed he could've been the hero. Sora's becomes a full mary sue in KH 2. He...
  3. TheOtherPromise

    Kingdom Hearts Retrospective

    They probably made it like that so you can't cheat and pause to see what button you have to press next.
  4. TheOtherPromise

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    I saw a commercial on disney channel back in 2002 and I had to buy it because disney characters were in it. I actually remember going to the store to buy it. I got the last one :D