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    BBS PS Magazine review 4 of 5 stars!

    Sort of offtopic, but the Dutch Official Playstation Magazine reviewed the game and gave it an 88 % I can't provide any scans though since I don't have a scanner unfortunately... Just wanted to tell you, better than making a whole new topic about it.
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    Birth By Sleep Hype Compared to KHII's

    I'm not that hyped for BBS... not that I think it will be bad, I just have other things on my mind at this moment. I'll still get it next week. I was incredibly hyped for KH2 though.
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    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    Great news, at least we know the platform for the new game. Nintendo totally rocked on the E3 BTW.
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    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) There is no word on a release date yet.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded- What Console Should it Be on?

    PSP I guess, Nomura stated that if Coded is coming it will most likely be ported to PSP. But no way it will be bundled with BBS.
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    Can you give some examples? Right now I'm not really into the story and I never read interviews so I wouldn't know. I'm just curious if you're wondering. Thanks in advance.
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    Re: birth yb sleep oficial na release day 7/9 Wow that's still quite far away. But Xehanort sounds quite cool.
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    NEW BbS release date!

    Let's just wait on an official announcement.
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    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    It doesn't really matter, by the time you get Fenrir and Ultima Weapon, you can probably destroy everything with little to no effort regardless of keyblade. I'd say Ultima Weapon because of the looks.
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    Does anyone still...

    I never really cry during videogames. Although I must admit, the end of MGS4 made me shed a tear. But that's the only game that did such a thing.
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    Square Enix announces Birth by Sleep for Europe [NOW WITH SITE]

    Re: SE announces BbS for Europe Wasn't it already fairly obvious that it would come to NA and Europe?
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    I'd like to see Kuja in some form. Siding with Hades would be funny I guess. Or as a secret boss like Sephiroth. I'm kinda done with Sephiroth.
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    Is the secret boss of BBS hard?

    Allright thanks a lot guys. Just 1 more question, maybe it's a bit stupid but... is the secret boss some kind of clue to the next game, like Xemnas from FM and LS from FM+ were? Or is he mostly unrelated to the plot like Sephiroth was?
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    Is the secret boss of BBS hard?

    LS? Do you mean the secret boss that was exclusive to Final Mix+ ? I though that was Terra... but whatever.
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    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    I thought it was cool, it's a million times better than Atlantica at least.
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    Is the secret boss of BBS hard?

    Just signed in to try to get an answer to this question. How is the secret boss of BBS? Is he hard or easy? I heard he has only 1 HP gauge, is that true? Thanks in advance.