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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    It's like he lost his heart.
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Anyways, I saw Mickey at 2:16 in the Youtube video while Ven was running from water/ice/light?
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Lol, I thought it was ice... XD
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    In the CGI part, Terra is running from Darkness. Ven looks like he's running away from Ice? XD Aqua was about to get stabbed at the near end of the video by Vanitas!! O_o
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Makes me laugh everytime I hear Vanitas's loud laugh!! Hehe... Anyways, I liked it when I saw Aqua use Donald as a D-link... ^__^...FANTASIA!! And about the part where Ven was cover with a sheet. His expression was like Kairi's when she lost her heart. The trailer is awesome!! Really excited on...
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    Kh 358/2days memory scene

    Well, anything can happen in a dream right? XD.... Maybe because she got a little memory of Riku from Riku's connection to Sora? Anyway, I wanna know why Zexion was in it too.. :/
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    Kh 358/2days memory scene

    As for my interpretation of it...The whole scene "Snarl of Memory" was just a dream of Xion about Riku(How did it happen? i dunno). Now about Roxas running to RTC, he was just sent on Destiny Island on a mission. I think he didn't notice Riku with Xion.
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    Traverse Town Tabloids #1: Is Nintendo banking on the Success of Kingdom Hearts?

    Even though I don't have Wii, it might be great if they put it there.
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    There's something about Sora...

    I like Sora in Kingdom Hearts 1. Dunno why, but Sora in KH2 annoys me... Hmmm...?? Oh, but I like Sora changing forms in KH2. It's just something about his face and attitude... I dunno??:confused::confused: Hope I'm not offending anyone me not liking Sora in KH2.:dizzy:
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    Uhh?? Hello :)

    HI there I'm new in this forum...!:eek::36: Just joined a few days ago. I've been wandering in this site for a month and I've decided to join in. ...uhhhh...I really don't know what to say, but I hope we could be friends.:lol::lol:
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    Who are you gonna play first in BBS?

    After seing all the videos in BBS... I'll go first with Terra, then Ventus, and last Aqua. Or maybe Terra, Aqua, then Ven? I really can't decide about the two until it's finally released. But I really want to play Aqua since she's like the first female character to be played in story mode...