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    Two new commercials

    its very low,in kh2 most of the villains have 5 or more especially Maleficent,she is a main one so she should have at least 5,i guess more health bars will be revealed after you '' defeat'' her head...
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    Two new commercials

    Oh God,i can see the Maleficent Dragon in the second,its so great but why so low Hp,i cant understand?
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    Ok,so tell me why Maleficent isnt pure evil when she: 1.tries to kill Sora 2.Make Riku plunge his mind in Darkness 3.Take Terra into the powers of Darkness 4.She tries to capture/kill the seven hearts of pure light 5.she wants to conquer the worlds and finally,she even destroyed worlds with...
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    She wanted the casle for her own,in kh coded she tried to kill Sora again,and in the sleeping beauty original movie she is the Mistress of all evil and the Hell itself...she is more than pure evil...
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    Vanitas looks indeed more evil than Master Xehanort,he even tries to kill Aqua and Ven,besides Master Xehanort himself told to Terra to destroy Vanitas that is the reason worlds are in Danger...still i dont think He and MX are so evil,at least not pure evil,i think their role in the story is not...
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    What aspects of the game would you have taken out/added?

    1.I Would make the game more challenging 2.I would give to Maleficent a much more major role in Kingdom hearts 2 (as she has in kh1 and bbs) 3.I would add the worlds of sleeping beauty,snowhite and more(excactly as it is in bbs) 4.The final boss would be definately all of the org xii members...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep world excitement

    All the Worlds are awsome,much more interesting and original than the previous kh games and i love this,some of the most great are Mistery Tower,Dwarf Woodlands,Castle of Dreams,Enchated Dominion I am the most excited of Enchated Dominion because sleeping beauty is an awsome movie and its also...
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    Tetsuya Nomura interview with one up

    Okay,i love Kh and i am looking foward to KH3 but wait,why we are talking about the third one when BBS isnt released even in Japan(although it is going to be in less than one moth)so? I think Kh3 idea is great but i am the most excited about BBS,Three new heroes to dicover,the most awsome...
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Re: New trailer is released! [JAPANESE COMMERCIAL] Oh,My God,this is awsome,the best trailer of Kh so far,its SO great,i cant wait!
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    its becoming absurd

    its not a deam,we already know that BBS takes place before kh 1,10 years! And also in Final Mix,Xemnas is talking to the armor of Aqua (calling her as a friend),they did exist
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    Do you think Sora and Riku would get some alone time?

    I love Sora,Kairi and Riku but i think its enough with them FOR NOW...i mean here we go with 3 all new characters,awsome villains(Master Xehanort,Vanitas and Maleficent),worlds far better than the previous ones,Enchanted Dominion,Dwarf Woodlands,Mistery Tower,Disney town and a lot more things so...
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? I think it could be easily the box art and i like it,but i think they should add some more characters as background,like Master Xehanort and Vanitas or Maleficent behind along with the other antagonists,or some worlds around,so many thoughts...i cant wait for the most awsome...