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    Bbs psp

    I was asking what you think the movie is gonna be?
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    Bbs psp

    New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep PSP Entertainment Pack – PlayStation Blog looks like bbs is getting a bundle what do you think the movies gonna be about?
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    BBS's NA Additions

    Kh2 there not that fun but it was worth putting them in the org mushrooms were my favorite I hope the decide to put something like them in it
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    Sports ► Mexico vs Iceland

    Just wanted to see what people thought of the game And I know the guy who ran out on the field his names Ivan and he got put in jail 10 days
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    Which organization member you like the most and the least (explain why)

    yes thanks for saying it Axel is overrated my favorite is xaldin dreads and wind and lexause I wish there was more about him he is in the shadows I'm glad these two are together in bbs
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    so all you kh nerds come over here

    Try and beat the game under 8 hours or lower if you want or try and beat it without equiping abilites
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: VA Discussion Thread Epcar is one cool dude ima ask him what the relase date is and how other VA's are :P
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    What struck you as odd?..

    Space whales and space pirates in kh1 and how do heartless know how to fly spaceships
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    Am I the only one...

    The only thing that I real liked was all the beast card abilites that aren't In any other kh game
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    Coded Coming to NA?

    The most logical thing to me is a bbs bundle and have coded on a seprate umb I think that what there called with a nice layout where you can selet your episode I don't think they can fit coded in on the same umb as bbs or a added scene Or a new game maybe not really feelin that tho
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    Xion bluntly shown in KH2 - albeit retcon

    Xaldin wears a black cloak his wearing green and yellow like goofy and the other one is wearing a blue hat just like Donald It's Donald and goofy
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    Xion bluntly shown in KH2 - albeit retcon

    ^ I'm not joking it really is If you guys are talking about the picture to the right of kairi It said they were in the cutscene
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    Xion bluntly shown in KH2 - albeit retcon

    It's Donald and goofy in the picture lol
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    How many of you actually bought KH2 FM?

    I just got it yesterday the menus don't bother me at all the only thing that bothers me is the x and o button switch but I'll get use to it it's like a completely diffrent game I suggest getting kh2fm I also got kh1fm just to complete my collection but I don't suggest getting that one
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    Hopefully getting Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ soon....

    COol so am I I'm just waiting foer it. To get here it should feb.1 I just googled kh2fm japanesse to English walkthrough and it has a translation of the menus I don't have the link right now I'll post it later hopefully it will help
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    Xemnas battle translation!

    haha you are the best at it shamisen
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    KH1 Beta Trailer

    Is it true that Mickey was orginal the Main charcter
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    NA release date?

    I bet they'll tell us a date after ff13 releases
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    vens, roxas, and soras room

    Hmm I haven't seen ven's room yet I can spoil that can anyone post a pic or a video of it
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    Favorite YouTube channel

    What's your favorite YouTube channel mines shaytards and Boburnham