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    I was just looking at my old art that I've posted here more than a year ago o__o Soooo... Some of my recent art~ T O T O R O by ~iDiANNE on deviantART - Newest Aka-kun by ~iDiANNE on deviantART - One of my favorites from my gallery APH - Hong Kong and Taiwan by ~iDiANNE on deviantART - My...
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    what day are you on?

    Day 357 Haven't started the fight yet.
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    Yeah that freaked me out o__o Especially when she just falls of the clock tower and keeps that face on.
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    Hello there This is Urayama Shiita : I don't know if I colored him properly :O He's only been shown in black and white http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l309/twilight_hikari/shiita.jpg Apparently his hair swishes both ways soo o__o Yes he has that swirly cone thing for hair @__@ BIG EYES...
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    http://idianne.deviantart.com/art/Sengoku-lol-123465998 Stupid o_o harhar by ~iDiANNE on deviantART Weird School sucks or har har2 by ~iDiANNE on deviantARTSomewhat decent ? HI :D by ~iDiANNE on deviantARTWhoooa not straight TRUCY by ~iDiANNE on deviantARTApollo Justice is addicting o_o I've...
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    Bored lately. Hey SCENESTERS hey hey :D by ~iDiANNE on deviantART I'm pretty sure the strumming arm looks wrong o___O And some of the dots are camouflaging o: ANNNNNNNNND I don't know what that random dark spot in the pick guard is O_O Oh, and some of my shading went byebye when I scanned ):
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    Bottomless Darkness :D heckyes Haha, just kidding. Moogle room, because moogles are awesome (:
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    I was bored..

    ..during hurricane recovery :o So I decided to start drawing again. And I drew this SushiNori :D by ~iDiANNE on deviantART Whee~
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    Guess What I Did!

    You know that ball bouncing thing in Twilight Town? I did over 200 times ;__; I was bored. I feel stupid, lost to Demyx over 7 times. I beat Xigbar at level 50 T-T Mail delivery= 6 seconds :O
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    Zexion's element

    His element is illusion. I somewhat don't count that as an element, though :\
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    Hidden Images

    Umm...I haven't really noticed anything. So if you would, JUST TELL US. Domo~
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    COM Battle System

    Actually, I liked the card system :D >:D 4 potions for meh. I didn't really reload when I played. Hated when Vexen flies around with his shield when he reloaded though. As if he didn't have enough protection >:O
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    Why does Castle Oblivion look so small?

    ^ I think that is it! BRILLIANT xD
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    Why does Castle Oblivion look so small?

    >< It looked big to me... Lol. They could have compressed the ceiling and floor...NO WAIT, It has high ceilings xD LMAO. Magic it is.
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    CLoud vs Sephiroth

    What they^ said. That probably came from the FF7 side.
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    I shot Larxene with Thungada <.<
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    Xigbar I wonder?

    He could have met them as Braig.
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    have you beaten the game?

    Gah. Moogle packs annoy me >:[ I bought a 500 MP pack and all I got were 4s and 5s while I expected 7-8-9s T-T
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    have you beaten the game?

    Lmao. I almost beat Sora's -__- The game was my nephew's and I had to leave. T-T I was at the Axel battle on floor 12 :'[ Imma buy it on eBay now... >.>
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    Kingdom Hearts II Manga

    We're talking about volume 2. It came out in America too. I have volume 1, also.