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    XDDD Clearly, I had no clue. Updated the first post. Final storyline boss is Terranort, real secret boss is Vanitas.
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    Tales Square. on Justin.tv This stream's user just got Last Episode, which likely has the secret boss. Gettting screen caps up now! FINAL STORYLINE BOSS IS TERRANORT IN RADIANT GARDEN. I don't have room for caps, but the secret boss is Absent Silhouette Vanitas. ;A; More Screens: Also...
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    He just got last episode on that stream posted :x!
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    BBS Secret Boss?

    XD I wondered the same at first. You don't have to beat the secret boss, just defeat the game on Proud Mode, then you can see the secret ending.
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    D: This is all I've got on hand with Dilan. Useful if you want a copy of his spear though, maybe? :x
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    ienzo and atw

    Even says that when Ven rescues Ienzo, he has no parents, and that he's looking out for him, if I'm not mistaken.
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    TAV ages

    Terra's about 21-ish, since Nomura once said that he thought Xemnas is about 30. I think that's all we do know almost for sure. XD;
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    Braig/Ienzo to reappear in the future(Theory+spoilers)

    I'd think Braig would at least, not as sure on Ienzo. And I do hope that the other four show up. I mean, Xigbar did find Marluxia, and Marluxia clearly went against the Organization. I was thinking about this just now, and it seems very odd, now given Braig's influence and activities. I'd...
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    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    Re: Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation Error occurred to me as well D< Crap. Hopefully, they work soon.
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    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    JUST saw this! :3 Secret Ending Subbed - Birth by Sleep Play Log, so thanks to KH13.com and Heartstation.org EDIT, again: They work for me now!
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    *sheepish wave*

    Hey there. I'm Shingobunny. Shingo, Bunny, "Hey, you!" --whatever will do. I'm a long time lurker, probably back since KHIIFM+, but for some reason, I couldn't make an account then, so I was like "Okay, I'll skip it." I've been stalking the spoilers for BBS section today and yesterday. :3...
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    The mastermind behind Organization 13

    Re: Braig is the Mastermind behind Organization XIII!!! Also, the Organization XIII theme played when Braig fought Aqua. HMMM. I don't think Terranort was brought to RG by Braig, but Braig probably did steer Terranort in the direction he wanted. I pretty much agree.
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    Code of Silence?

    Kairi has no memories of her time back in Radiant Garden, other than the story from her grandmother, as far as I'm able to remember.
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    X [spoilers]

    XD He is, I just didn't understand why you'd say they'd change the pronunciation to "ex" instead of "chi" because is, that's all.
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    X [spoilers]

    I'm not sure I understand why it'll change because of that? :x;;; I'm sorry.
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    X [spoilers]

    I think it might remain the same, since the font for the X is actually a lower-case chi, not just a simple X. They're generally good with keeping pronunciation, since hellish names like "Marluxia" are close to the Japanese. ...Then again, we didn't get "Vixen". For better or worse.
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    X [spoilers]

    No one's mentioning (or, it was mentioned and I missed it) the obvious thing about the X-blade--it's pronounced "Chi-blade," like the Greek letter. (This also is a parody of "Kiibureedo", and pronounced the same way.) Crackpot theory begins now: Apparently, while I was looking it up, X (chi)...
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    [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra scenario [added Aqua scenes too]

    I'll translate in a bit (*shot; also has a bias toward her favorite characters and Even's scenes were easy*), if I'm feeling better. Accursed cold.
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    [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra scenario [added Aqua scenes too]

    Re: [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra senario I do, too. It's a shocking scene, and even Terra's face goes "OH MY GOD" at the damage done, and it shouldn't be taken away. XD; I think it's... quite possibly the darkest scene in the series.
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    [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra scenario [added Aqua scenes too]

    Re: [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra senario Though, Braig, oh, losing an eye and gaining a scar looks bad, I doubt that there'll be much censoring (how can he? He shows up later suddenly in bandages then with his eye patch and scar). They'll probably change his battle, true. At most, they...