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  1. ryushin5

    Why do the 2 Young Xehanort's look different?

    So adding on to Xehanort possibly being retconned in his backstory I saw a height chart (Not sure if it's official or not) showing the heights of each character and the Younger Xehanort is slightly taller than the one in Scala Ad Caelum. Also random question is Terranort the somebody that came...
  2. ryushin5

    Potential Master's

    Forgive me if i'm wrong but isn't Ventus already a master? Like in KHUX are the new Union Leaders considered Keyblade Masters since they were chosen to succeed the previous ones?
  3. ryushin5

    Specific Aspects You Loved About KH3

    Even though I hated the world I loved the final boss for Arendelle. The whole thing was so cinematic and my favorite part has to be where the wolf turns into a dark moon and it starts raining darkness and then starts crashing down and Sora and Marshmallow are holding it back. Just so good!
  4. ryushin5

    Why do the 2 Young Xehanort's look different?

    I agree with you with pretty much everything and honestly the more I think about it the more i'm starting to think the Xehanort and Eraqus playing chess scene might not take place in the past but in the future after they've passed on after the final battle of KH3 because we know they both passed...
  5. ryushin5

    Why do the 2 Young Xehanort's look different?

    Yeah that's why I'm confused because we know the one on the right is before he left Destiny Island because he mentions it in DDD but the one on the left looks different. I think maybe somethings might have been retconned. I do hope Nomura comes out with a novel or a manga or animated movie or...
  6. ryushin5

    Why do the 2 Young Xehanort's look different?

    So I was replaying Kingdom Hearts 3 and I was a bit confused on the designs of the Young Xehanorts and wondering why they looked so different to me. The one on the right is supposed to be before he became a keyblade wielder but he looks older than the one on the left which is him in scala ad...
  7. ryushin5

    So I think they might have rushed some parts in Arendelle

    So when I was playing Kingdom Hearts 3 and I was watching the Frozen "Let It Go" sequence I noticed a weird thing pop up for a quick second before going away. At first I thought it was just my tv so when I was rewatching the sequence on YouTube to see how close they got to the movie I noticed...
  8. ryushin5

    (Spoilers) Random theory on why I think Ventus is the reason Lea can wield a Keyblade.

    So I've been thinking about this for a while. Hear me out it might make sense or i'm talking crazy but either way humor me. So if you played KH ux you know that Ventus is from era before the Keyblade war and for some unknown reason he was sent into the future. So around this time he was a...
  9. ryushin5

    Do you think the "Lingering Will" will play a major part in getting Terra back?

    So do you guys think the Lingering Will (Terra's armor which apparently contains his mind) will play a major part in getting Terra back. He currently has his armor and keyblade. I know that it says that it contains Terra's broken mind but do you think there's a chance it might also contain his...
  10. ryushin5

    Is Riku's Replica one of the 13 Darkness?

    So I don't know if this was asked before but after watching the KH3 trailer again and replaying Dream Drop Distance it made me wonder something. Do you think Riku's Replica one of the 13 Darkness? The fact that Riku in the trailer said he would leave the Way of Dawn for the other him and that...
  11. ryushin5

    Found the trailer

    I thought it was, I saw it again the second time and the person in front of his keyblade looked like Braig.
  12. ryushin5

    Found the trailer

    Do my eyes deceive me or was that Master Xehanorts Keyblade at the end of the trailer? O.O
  13. ryushin5

    The English Boss left a Easter Egg.

    Forgive me if i'm wrong but, I thought the symbol that Roxas drew was a crown? Like the necklace that Sora wears.
  14. ryushin5

    Other Keyblade Wielders?

    So I was looking throughout the KH Wiki, and I was looking up the Keyblade wars and stuff and this is what it said. (I don't know if this is canon or not but I'm just going to go ahead with my question). As you can see the certain part that I bolded and underlined, where it says that it will...
  15. ryushin5

    Xehanort Nobody and Heartless

    Hey, so I have been wondering this for a while. Do you think that Ansem SoD(Xehanorts Heartless) and Xemnas ever met each other at one point? because I do know Xemnas was present at KH 1(even though he was a secret boss for KH FM). I like to hear anyones thoughts on this.
  16. ryushin5

    New NA/EU Boss

    Maybe that cloak man is Ansem the Wise, since he is the one that made those Cloaks for the organization well that's what I heard....Either that or I'm crazy >.>
  17. ryushin5

    Larxene's Whole?

    I've wondered this, did Larxene's Complete being even appear in BBS? because I know that the rest of the organization members complete being's were shown in the game.
  18. ryushin5

    Hi there

    Hey there, I'm ryushin5, I've been a kingdom hearts fan for a while now, my friend got me into it when I was around 10 years old, I just recently found this forum and I just decided to sign up so I hope to make a lot of good friends here. :D