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  1. Seasalt Lover

    Does anyone remember the pre kh2 days ?

    I remember those days :D Especially the Yaoi fangirls... They give me the creeps... *Shudder*
  2. Seasalt Lover

    Riku and his keyblade :/

    I think this post sums it all up
  3. Seasalt Lover

    KH BBS FM has KH3D: DDD stuff inside it!

    Kind of Spooky... But interesting O.O
  4. Seasalt Lover

    Giant KH2 Poster Needs a Good Home

    That's a cool poster *Shiny Eyes*
  5. Seasalt Lover

    KH3D Thoughts [BbS Spoilers]

    That's neat, I hope we can switch to Kairi XD
  6. Seasalt Lover

    KH3D Thoughts [BbS Spoilers]

    Well, for me, it's something like this: I think the game starts off with Sora, Riku, and Kairi making a promise to each other, and then Sora and Riku leaves, leaving Kairi alone in the Destiny Island, then the game opening cutscene starts. Next, we have to choose to play as either Sora(Dream)...
  7. Seasalt Lover

    Question about KH2FM+

    An Extra on Jiminy Journal maybe?
  8. Seasalt Lover

    Question about Xemnas,Xion,Ansem sod and Roxas

    I see, that explains the way her keyblade disappeared that time...
  9. Seasalt Lover

    Question about Xemnas,Xion,Ansem sod and Roxas

    I'm still confused, thinking about this make my head hurts... But, does that mean Xion isn't a real nobody since she is a replica nobody, does that mean she have a heart?
  10. Seasalt Lover

    So has anyone bought a PSP...

    For me, I buy every console that has it, PS2, PSP, DS, got them all, it leaves me with only one console to buy... The 3DS Now I'm begging with my mom and dad to buy it on my birthday, wish me luck guys XD
  11. Seasalt Lover

    rearranging Kingdom Hearts

    Maybe I'll try... Kingdom Hearts... Moding Ekh Arts(?)
  12. Seasalt Lover


    Hello, I'm new here, my name is Seasalt Lover, I like something that is made of Seasalt, but my favorite one is, you know it. Seasalt Ice Cream I really, really love it. Well, that's it for the introductions, I hope we can be friends ^_^
  13. Seasalt Lover

    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    I sometimes hate when Nomura is giving interviews, he always repeat the same informations over and over again =="
  14. Seasalt Lover

    When did Org XIII begin?

    My theory is, I think the Organization starts 10 years ago, you know, when everyone betrayed Ansem the Wise. And then about Lea and Isa, I think Lea were teleported into some distant world that only Nomura knows, the same goes to Isa, and I think it's also the cause of his scar (Correct me if...
  15. Seasalt Lover

    A weird KH3D dream

    That... Is really a vivid dream...