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    Where do you REALLY go when you die???(even if your sins are forgivin)

    Well i been wondering about this for a long time now. When you die, where does your spirit really go? No one really knows do they? It's like you could be the baddest person on the planet. You killed 5,000 people, been to jail for life, then die. Your expected to go to hell for all of your sins...
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    Pluto card

    What does the pluto card do exactly?
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    Pluto card

    I dont remember anything about a Pluto card. I even have the stradigy guide and it says nothing about a Pluto card.
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    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    hey i was picked on not to long ago and the names that they called my really hurt my fellings even my bff so i kinda know what to do. You just ether tell someone about it or raise hell to the princapal tell you parants if you have to thats what i did and they fixed the problem.
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    I am new.

    Hello everybody i am new to this site and i kinda need a little help and rep and stuff like that. I LOVE SORKING10 ^_^