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  1. AlbertJ

    what are your top 3 favorite keyblades

    Decisive Pumpkin, Divine Rose, Hero's Crest Honorable mention goes to Oblivion. I like the design but its almost never useful.
  2. AlbertJ

    The Mirage Arena will NOT be playable online in 2.5 ReMIX

    Yeah I'm interested to see what exactly those are. And I wonder if they will nerf any of the bosses because they can be very difficult when fighting alone or if the new abilities just make you stronger.
  3. AlbertJ

    The Mirage Arena will NOT be playable online in 2.5 ReMIX

    Nah, I really didn't like BbS. And I already beat FM on PSP. Maybe if they announce some other new additions like abilities or something like they did in 1.5, I might give it a play though. KH2FM is still more than enough of a reason to purchase this though, in my opinion.
  4. AlbertJ

    The Mirage Arena will NOT be playable online in 2.5 ReMIX

    Well, there goes my only reason for replaying Birth by Sleep.
  5. AlbertJ

    Online Multiplayer?

    I really hope they add multiplayer. I really have no desire to play though BbS again, but being able to play with my friends does give me a little bit more of an incentive to revisit it.
  6. AlbertJ

    If CoM's Gameplay was like that of KHI, would you Like it More?

    There was really nothing wrong with the battle system. If you took the time to plan out your deck with sleights, it actually became very fun. The reason why most people did not like it was probably because they weren't good at it. It just required more planning than KH1.
  7. AlbertJ

    Anyone else mad about Re: Coded?

    I am disappointed, although it was expected. Re:coded is the only game that I felt did the command deck right and it was a blast to play. BbS felt like a chore to play compared to it.
  8. AlbertJ

    Not bad at all...

    The gameplay is actually pretty fun and balanced. Honestly, people only talked bad about the game because they weren't good at it.
  9. AlbertJ

    Do you think coded will be a cinematic film like Days?

    Re: Do You Think Coded Will be a Cinematic Film Like Days? I think it will most likely be cutscenes, unfortunately. I would love to have it redone and playable though but I know that will take even more time than just adapting it into a "movie" like Days. It is my favorite game out of the three...
  10. AlbertJ

    Hopes for 2.5 HD

    I hope that BbS is balanced a bit more. I know commands like Mega Flare were nerfed for the western release but it was still very overpowered. That along with using Thunder Surge made the game way too easy, especially since you could get it fairly early in the game. I think they could even...
  11. AlbertJ

    TV ► 24: Live Another Day

    Any other 24 fans on KHI? I watched it every now and then when it was on TV, but last year I watched the entire series on Netflix and I absolutely loved it. There isn't a lot of information on the new season airing next May, but what we do know is that it will consist of only 12 episodes but...
  12. AlbertJ

    Birth by Sleep's graphics in 2.5

    Unless they plan on redoing some of BBS and not just up-scaling the PSP version I think it will be around the same graphical level as Peace Walker HD, which I don't think looks bad at all.
  13. AlbertJ

    Is the Pink Agarcius possible?

    Hitting it enough times will give you rare items needed for synthesis. You can't get them anywhere else in the game, just like the other new enemies added in Final Mix.
  14. AlbertJ

    What would you change about KH2?

    I know that a problem that a lot of people have with KH2 is that fact that it was too easy. I used to think that too until I imported the Final Mix and played it on critical mode. It becomes almost a completely different game. I am really glad that it seems like we are getting a 2.5 Remix...
  15. AlbertJ

    Is the Pink Agarcius possible?

    I have been having the same problem. And even when I press triangle when the Ragnarok option appears, Donald and Goofy still attack.
  16. AlbertJ

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Audio Options

    That was not a redub. That was audio taken from earlier in the game and edited for that scene. If you watch the scene before the Xemnas fight and the scene where Sora meets Ansem in the cave at the beginning of the game, his lines are exactly the same.
  17. AlbertJ

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Audio Options

    They didn't get Japanese audio so I doubt they will get English.
  18. AlbertJ

    What difficulty do you start on?

    What ever the hardest is. I knew after I played KH2FM on critical, I couldn't go back to the easier difficulties without it feeling like enough of a challenge.
  19. AlbertJ

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Trophy List Revealed!

    That red trinity has been moved to the arch of the gate outside Oogie's Manor in Final Mix.
  20. AlbertJ

    Pewdiepie most likely doing lets play

    Let me guess. He just going to yell obnoxiously throughout the videos and they are each going to get hundreds of thousands of views? Was I right?