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  1. BluberryStar

    A member from KHi Got called for the KH 2.5 TRAILER!

    Well, let's just say he took the chance no matter what. And he happens to be chosen, so him being chosen wasn't his choice... I got his full support! Just so you know! well this changes everything of how I think about so ignore my previous paragraph Lol :'D
  2. BluberryStar

    Unexplained Technical Difficulty opening Kingdom Hearts Chi game. Really... please help ;_;

    I really need help, fast! I have been playing Kingdom Hearts Chi for a year now and this is the first time I encounter a problem such as this. My game won't load. It's not that it crashed or stopped midway, it won't load. Literally. Like it's blocked but it's not. I am using a Mac, btw. This...
  3. BluberryStar

    I'm making a keyblade and I got a question

    I agree, I think that length is enough to make a suitable keyblade. It's like holding an umbrella, and the length is almost the same too. Just make one already! XD
  4. BluberryStar

    I'm making a keyblade and I got a question

    The vid says that it's 36 inches long JR. Listen from 0:40. I think that's too long for some people. Or look at a picture of Roxas holding the Oblivion Keyblade. There you can calculate the length of the keyblade over the length of his body. But if it's too much I think adjusting to your own...
  5. BluberryStar

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    I don't see the problem of posting this thread. So he needs some support and advice, what's so wrong in that? If he had a trustful friend here I'm sure he'll ask for advice, and since he doesn't I understand why he's afraid to come back. As long as you don't do anything like breaking the rules...
  6. BluberryStar

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    ^ true, but in roleplay you gotta interact with the other role-players right?
  7. BluberryStar

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    It depends, if they're still at it or not... The blocking option is a good idea tho, or maybe join another thread?
  8. BluberryStar

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    You know what? For being your "friends" they're not doing a very good job about it. Friends accept you for who you are. Online or in real life, both applies. The only difference is the screen that divides all of you. I just hate this form of treatment between individuals. It's like you're being...
  9. BluberryStar

    Pewdiepie most likely doing lets play

    Yeah, I agree, at one point I want to see him react to the KH story until the end, but on the other hand, I'm sorry to say this, but, he doesn't really play JRPG games that well. It's just not his type of game. He goes well with first person shooters, horror, and/or arcade games. All through the...
  10. BluberryStar

    Birth By Sleep on PC?

    So there's no way to get the JPCSP working without a real PSP then? Bummer :( I was hoping it would work without having to buy one... but I guess I can borrow it somehow... I really thought that the PSP emulator would work without having to sync with the console, like NDS emulator (Desmume).
  11. BluberryStar

    The burning question...

    Why hello there :D Selamat siang ^u^ I thought you were Singaporean. Anyway, I haven't been following the series lately due to lack of consoles and the munny to buy them :( And I'm still confused about the events in DDD (now they can time travel? urgh what next?) Not being able to play all of...
  12. BluberryStar

    The burning question...

    No you got my point :) but I mean why didn't he visit anyone? his parents or Kairi? Explaining Kairi what happened and everything? Instead he live in solitude and kept himself away from others... maybe he felt that he has to take this responsibility on his own? Is that how he is?
  13. BluberryStar

    The burning question...

    Maybe this question is out of topic, but, in KH 358/2 Days Riku is able to control the powers of darkness within him, so he's able to open dark portals (is that what it's called?) and transport to other worlds. So if he's able to do that why didn't he just go back to DI by himself? I mean BEFORE...
  14. BluberryStar

    For those without the game, who want to watch the movie in English

    Did anyone notice the pitch of the opening theme is a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit above the original keynote? Is it possible that the video got fast forward 0.0001x and the voices got 1/8 pitch higher than the original? That's why it did not reach 3.5+ hrs...? I went to compare the differences between...
  15. BluberryStar

    The Vulpes Fanclub

    The Vulpeus Fanclub Members JR199913 minhtam1683 Oris italktotherain Lenneth DefiantHeart BluberryStar Darnarius Zeke_Aileron YukiYashaH xela10104 roke elie_grim I<3Kiari SoraNoRyu RoXas1314 Guardian Angel X Dastro Solosis Rules There are also rules that apply on this...
  16. BluberryStar

    Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever!?

    Re: Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever?????!!!!!!!!!!! yeah that's what I tried back then, but when he started to float up there's always a great deal of distance between me and Sephiroth. So I didn't stop him in time seeing Sora is so slow even though he's running, and trying to...
  17. BluberryStar

    Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever!?

    Re: Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever?????!!!!!!!!!!! Most annoying boss EVER in my case will always be Sephiroth in KH2. I don't know about you guys, and maybe some of you would say it's easy because the fight requires a certain pattern and it's probably easy to read his moves...
  18. BluberryStar

    KH1's early drafts

    Your photoshop skills are just SPECTACULAR :D It's almost believable. Personally I find this Sora hair better. He looks a lot more mature and cool rather than the childish cheerful one we had now, not that it's a bad thing ;) Not too fond of the ear-hairs though... The first sketches of Sora...
  19. BluberryStar

    Best way to use BP for Lux?

    I wanna ask you guys about collecting LUX by keeping up chains in battling Raid bosses. We all know that the BP that we have isn't enough to finish the raid boss, and waiting for it to fill 1 BP will take a painstaking wait of 15 minutes. Then all we need to rely on is teamwork and collect as...