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    Anyone else dissapointed with the Amount of Worlds in 358 days?

    The DS can only hold so much, I would think Cx Besides. It looks like the worlds are fully explorable this round, rather than rooms like in CoM. ... However, I will admit I'm somewhat disappointed, since the gameplay itself seems kind of short if you neglect the missions. So I'll be doing...
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    358/2 Days Gameplay from Creator's Voice Interview

    alskjfalkfdjaslk Whoa. I'm getting even more excited for this game. These gameplay videos look wicked awesome. ;A;
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    Modern! That was the word I was looking for. xDDD I rather like Kairi's clothes, and design overall. It looks kind of comfy, and the belt is pretty cool.
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    Roxas's. It looked very detailed, and the colors just appealed to me. Least favorite was Tifa's, even if I love her loads. ;^;
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    New interview touches on Days development.

    Thanks for posting. That was an interesting read. Sounds like the mission system will be fun... I've always enjoyed the mission system in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, so I'm glad to see another game with a similar system to lengthen the experience. And I'm awfully curious about this...
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    I really liked it, honestly. The dialog was all amazing, along with all of the scenes and characters. The battle system was fun( especially Riku's), though the deck building could get somewhat tiring after a while.
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    New Donald and Goofy 'Days Scans!

    Pretty cool stuff. I'm probably going to use Goofy if I play with others. Because Goofy is awesomesauce, and I like his moves. 8D
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    Uh ... yes. Damn water clones. He actually wouldn't be that hard if it weren't for them. There'd be one left and one second left, too... and... /grumblegrumble >>;;; But yes. I love Demyx because of his aversion to fighting... And he had some pretty epic quotes. ("Run run away!" =p) His...
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    who thought ven was roxas

    Aqua slightly reminds me of a blue-haired Ashe from Final Fantasy XII. ~u~
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    who thought ven was roxas

    My friend had a Ven set, so I was like, "Oh hay Roxas," but they were like, "No no, Ven." /ramble But yeah. Such a striking resemblance can't be put off as coincidence. So I'm ready to find out wtf Ven is. D;
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    Which will you choose

    Probably Xion. Something about her just seems kickass. <3 And I'm not totally sure that you can play as her during story mode, so if I can't, I'll take advantage of the option.
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    why is it that such a wimp as marluxia ended up being the lord of CO?

    I kind of liked Marluxia. :> He's most likely my favorite final boss of the series, and the only one that wasn't all darkness/power crazed, per say.
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    No Nobodies?

    Yeah, it won't really make a difference to me. =/ You defeat Nobodies and Heartless in the same way, so I won't really miss them, aside from some of the cooler reaction commands.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Sora. His development from previous games just seemed to have been scrapped, imo. >m>
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    A random question related to the organization

    ^ Thirteen perfect heartless bosses? I think that furthers my interest regarding this question. So let's say that these heartless bosses were the heartless of the nobodies. This would mean that the organization members have all become whole again, amirite?
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    The 'ion' in Xion

    It took me a second to get the No I one. xD;;; I think it sounds very plausible, and makes plenty of sense with what we already know.
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    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    Demyx running away in the Underworld. /gigglesnort Seeing all the FF characters fighting together. And pretty much anything with Roxas in the beginning, because I felt bad for the poor guy, not knowing what's going on and all. </3
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    Organization's strongest members?

    I only needed to hit him, like, four times, so it was easy. xD;;; Aquabb: Ohhh, I agree. Demyx is pretty low, even though I had trouble with him . xD;;; He'd be easy as hell if not for those forms. How does not beating them in ten seconds make you lose, anyway? Do they, like, explode, or...
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    Organization's strongest members?

    It was pretty badass. I saw the anti form, hit him several times while cursing slightly to myself because one hit from him would kill me, and kicked his ass. lD So yeah. I think Xaldin is one of the hardest bosses. >':
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    Organization's strongest members?

    Every time I see that form, I hear allll my hope getting crushed into a million pieces. ;A; Aquabb: I was, like, sooooo close to beating Xaldin, and I was excited until I got anti-form. xD;;; So I ended up kicking his ass, ANTI-FORM STYLE. owait but back on topic: I think Zexion would be...