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  1. Rytackle22

    A Labor of Love - I've Finally Completed my JRPG Inspired Board Game

    My friends! I've been on KH insider for a LONG time, and though I've mostly become a filthy lurker I wanted to come on here and share something I'm truly proud of. It's been a long four years and I think anyone who has slogged through it would be inclined to agree. Global Pandemic aside, the...
  2. Rytackle22

    Spoilers ► Eraqus should have...

    The "Master" title has less importance to me as an accomplishment, but more as a final validation of Eraqus to Terra. A hug and a "Protect Them" just didn't seem like enough for me, but I understand your point. I like the different takes on this thought for sure.
  3. Rytackle22

    Spoilers ► Eraqus should have...

    I get the point, but he fought the darkness for a decade and eventually broke free to protect his friends. Feels pretty "master worthy" to me.
  4. Rytackle22

    Spoilers ► Eraqus should have...

    called Terra "Master Terra" at the end of the game. Given everything that Terra has been through I think this would have been a really great bookend to his redemption arc. It honestly feels like a really big miss for Nomura and the story. The whole reason Terra wasn't named a "Master" was...
  5. Rytackle22

    Is anyone going to talk about how kh3 is 2 years old today?

    Thanks! Long long long ago I had an "animation shop" here on the forums where I did sprite animations for people. That was another time XD
  6. Rytackle22

    Is anyone going to talk about how kh3 is 2 years old today?

    I found the experience bitter sweet. The game didn't live up to my expectations, but I acknowledge that really no game would have. Re:mind certainly helped. I truly wished Eraqus would have said "Master Terra" at the end to him. That really would have put a clean close to his long and tragic arc.
  7. Rytackle22

    The Critical Mode Experience Thread

    Is there a list of the new abilities and what they do yet?
  8. Rytackle22

    News ► KH3 Critical Mode adds various QOL updates including save carry over, more photo slots

    Really excited for this, 100% what the game needed.
  9. Rytackle22

    Pink Agaricus Heartless Frustration

    When you Target it press R2 and you will target his face which will allow Ragnarok to appear. Also cast Areoga that'll get you a bunch.
  10. Rytackle22

    Pink Agaricus Heartless Frustration

    There's a far easier way to ditch D&G. When the Pink Agaricus appears simply glide off the balcony then loop the glide back around on the balcony. This causes the duck and goof to jump off the balcony and fall to the layer below. As soon as you land, twist the camera 180 degrees and DON'T...
  11. Rytackle22

    The burning question...

    It's a good thing that dark storm hit the island or they all probably would have been killed by high waves, hungry sharks, and malaria.
  12. Rytackle22


    The MAJOR problem with the Rod in KHFMPR is not getting Second Chance until level 90. That's a real killer. I'm doing a playthrough with no continues, equipment changes, and on proud. I picked the Rod for the MP boost however I'm starting to think the Shield may have been a better option...
  13. Rytackle22

    Can you play the games in any order?

    Honestly it's a bonus to even play CoM IMO. All I want is to re-play KH1. Nostalgia at it's finest.
  14. Rytackle22

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Trophy List Revealed!

    Dare I say it...that some of these may be...hard?! I'm going to try to beat the game without changing equipment on Proud difficulty with no continues. Going to put my Kingdom Hearts skills to the REAL test come August!
  15. Rytackle22

    3/29 Famitsu Cover!

    Not bad, they always look better in CGI.
  16. Rytackle22

    GUIDE: Fastest Way to Gain Experience and Levels

    Ill check to see what my Radient Garden combat lvl is. How odd that it fluctuates in that mannor.
  17. Rytackle22

    exp walker

    The earlier you get it, the more it pays off haha
  18. Rytackle22

    GUIDE: Fastest Way to Gain Experience and Levels

    Does the combat lvl change for difficulty? Because I played on Critical
  19. Rytackle22

    GUIDE: Fastest Way to Gain Experience and Levels

    I just did the Second to last one, copycat chaos or something. Used Maga Flairs, took out all the rounds fast, used ragnarok shotlock on the Copycatter, yeilded 525 medals each type. TIP: USE GROUP CURAGA IN THE MIRAGE ARENDA, you get first place in the "friendship" category if you do. gives...