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    How They REALLY Chose Roxas's Voice

    lulz, jay kay :D i was watching the Jesse McCartney music video for "Because You Live", and I immediately thought of Roxas. 'Cause he's kinda obsessed with his hood and stuff in this MV. YESH I LISTEN TO JESSE MCCARTNEY. BITE MEH! lol I'm just bored and being silly; don't take this seriously. XD
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    [enter generic 'my KH pics' title here]

    I like to crappily doodle random KH stuff...usually making fun of the org or Riku...The "Sora school paper FAIL" and "Riku go boom" pics in my sig are drawn by me, too. =) That's not a balloon.... by ~dragonwind15 on deviantART I wanted to draw someone spewing their drink. Yep. Riku is a...
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    The Most Popular KH Pairing According to Fanfiction Is...

    8shortfuse and I were trying to determine the Orgy's most popular member to be paired romantically with. We had a nudging hunch it would be Demyx ('cause he seems to be the Orgy's 'lil betch XD). Well, we were wrong... We then added Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Namine to the list to make it more...
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    65/100 review for KH!! what?!

    this guy (or girl) was dissing pretty bad on KH1. he claimed that the graphics and sound were excellent, but the storyline and gameplay were dull. really? link to it here: RPGFan Reader Reviews - Kingdom Hearts i agree with some of the points, like the gummi ship mini-game being terrible...
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    what day are you on?

    day 300-something-or-another....i dunno...lol, i'm trying to play it as slowly as possible so i can enjoy it. i hate that moment after you beat the game and you suddenly realize, 'okay, so now what?' and you now have to wait forever for the next KH game to come out. hehe =P
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    xigbar and luxord are my faves....i guess that makes me a bit out-there compared to most everyone else's faves. =P rox, axel, zexy...they're cool too =)
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    Favorite KH2 Keyblade

    agreed, Two Become One is cool. but my fave is Bond of Flame...cuz of Axel T^T
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    Fanfiction ► Fate: Destiny's End (A Xion Fanfic)

    "Well... I suppose we could always ask Saix," replied Axel, knowing fully well that Saix would refuse. <--made me laugh, 'cause it's sooooo true, even if it wasn't supposed to be funny =P Wow, you're an amazing writer, you know that? Even with all those numbers, you gave each one an individual...
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    Fanfiction ► Feminine Pads -- a funny fanfic

    =D ty, ty! *takes a bow* haha, i think i would have hung up too, don't you? :lol: i might put another one on KHinsider....maybe....most of my stories are just short and goofy, like this one. :tongue:
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    Fanfiction ► Feminine Pads -- a funny fanfic

    <---a (crappy) MS Paint illustration to go with it, lol Um, yeah. I have no idea. Like weird, random stories? Then this is the one for you. :dizzy: It's pretty short, no chapters or anything. lol ~~~~~~~ “AHHHH!!” A deafening scream pierced the air. Sora became alert immediately. That...
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    WTF Axel's name?

    axel said he was basically the same guy, but that doesn't mean his appearance was exact...in fact, I doubt it was. Nobodies always have looked at least a TAD different from what we've seen so far. lololol.....for some reason, this comment cracked me up.
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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! fahrver, i had somewhat of a hard time reading the font you used for yours, but the 'i have a date tonight with the riku repli--' part made me giggle a bit. =P
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    358/2 Days or TWEWY?

    i know, i noticed. lol, sorry about that ^^;
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    358/2 Days or TWEWY?

    yeah the controls were pretty crazy... I didn't mind the graphics since I don't expect anything amazing in the visuals department from the DS. I loved the music tho!! <3
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    358/2 Days or TWEWY?

    like igshar said, this is the forum section for days specifically. so it's bound to be bias. okay, MORE people would be inclined to pick KH Days. Not ALL. ^^; I myself am an exception, too.
  16. Z

    358/2 Days or TWEWY?

    eh, don't worry, VAT. it's just a bias poll, that's all =P still a cool question to ask, though.
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    Obsessed fangirls alert!!

    Have any of you ever met/seen a totally over-the-top crazy KH fangirl/fanboy that made your obsession seem dull in comparison? You know, those people that are so devoted that it's creepy? :53: Don't get me wrong; I don't mind fangirls, but sometimes people take it too far. For example, one day...
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    Time Theory

    This is a shortened version of the theory. Seriously. What began as simple curiosity as to why the Gizmo Shop clock was stuck at 6:54 turned into a complex chart that explained the position of every clock in the game...but I'm not posting the entire theory; that would take way too long. ^^...
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    Lvl Up Insanely High at Destiny Islands

    So me and a friend are seeing how high we can lvl at DI before we lose our sanity. We've put it 20-something hours and achieved level 39 so far. And we've come up with some very handy ways to level up quickly and efficiently. You can probably find advice like this in a walkthrough or...
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    358/2 Days or TWEWY?

    Overall, the KH series is the best. But between Days and TWEWY? I think I'd have to say TWEWY. Both games have fun, interesting battle systems, and both have cool characters, but TWEWY's plot just had so many cool twists. I'd imagine more people will end up saying Days, though, considering...