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  1. matt_hdo

    The Switch Nature Of Dream Drop Distance might mean more than what we think...

    From how I see this, I can say that Roxas, Xion and even Ventus will make a cameo apereance in the game, just to tell Sora what is in his heart, cause he is the only one that doesnt know about them, well, Roxas is the exception, but I think that he will get the knowledge of Xion and even of...
  2. matt_hdo

    BbS v2??? *Spoilers"

    Let me say first, that I dont want to put rain on your party, but I was chating with a friend of mine that is also a big fan of KH about the BbS V2, and we go to the conclusion that we cant be sure if there is gonna be a volume 2 for BbS, we have the secret ending on the FM, and we also have...
  3. matt_hdo

    Xion's theme? Spoiler watch out

    Did you really play Days???, cause if you remember they told that Xion was a flaw as the puppet project, cause she started to have a heart, that means that she can be brought back in a physical way, cause sora holds the hearts of Ven, Roxas, Namine and Xion, so thats why is the reconnect and...
  4. matt_hdo

    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    I thinks so, I thinks this one is the Reconnect that are talking about, its like the pre to KH 3
  5. matt_hdo

    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    Yes, Remember that they said in a interview that there where launching 2 new games, well, one is Re:coded and the other one is for the 3Ds, so start saving money guys!!!
  6. matt_hdo

    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: BBS DATED FOR NA I think that maybe they are gonna add new stuff, like in Dissidia, I dont remember what in specific but after NA release was here like in 3 months they where launching another version in japan, that was the NA release, so maybe is that.
  7. matt_hdo

    Famitsu Scans - Commands, Unversed, etc.

    yeah!!, thats neat, thanks
  8. matt_hdo

    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    Re: About Ultimania.... Ultimania is the ultimate guide for the KH and FF games that is released by SE, also it have a lot of information about the game and some interviews with the staff and Director
  9. matt_hdo

    Everyone Notices the X's, Right?

    I think the Xs on the Organization members names have more symbolic meaning than the Xs on the chests of the apprentices, why all of them have an X on their names??
  10. matt_hdo

    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    I also think its gonna be in may or june, cause it what it took to days to be released in NA, from 4 to 5 months, so even that im dieing to play, we have to be patience, T_T
  11. matt_hdo

    KHII more light hearted???

    mmm, sure, KHI was darker than KHII, but KHII needed a happy ending, cause all the things happened in the first plus all in CoM, plus all the Roxas deal, and that he couldnt find Riku, so I think it was deserved for the heroes of the game a little rest, dont you think??
  12. matt_hdo

    bbs release in america

    Dont believe the wiki, dont even see it, you can fall in a lopphole of incorrect information about KH, so if you want to have that kind of information, enter to the forums, or search in other site, but for all that is good and kind, Dont go with the WIKI, the WIKI is bad, bad.
  13. matt_hdo

    Secret Boss Defeated (Spoiler hungry)

    And you are foregetting about the Mirage Arena??, You can play against other people with your new kicking ass Keyblade and defeat them, or just show it off, but still, dont forget mirage arena, remember that you can find other commands there, im not sure about KB.
  14. matt_hdo

    Something that surprises me

    Well, you have a point, but its kind of difficult think about to see the somebodys of the others, cause the one that have really a connection to Sora is Axel, trough Roxas and Xion in first, and after he sacrifices for him in KHII, so I think its more probable that we see only Axel (Lea) in the...
  15. matt_hdo

    anyone worried that the NA voice acting might suck?

    In think that they are gonna do a great job, like in teh past games, all VA where great, and with this game, I think that they are gonna made an extra effort to get it better.
  16. matt_hdo

    Secret Boss Damaged! (spoilers)

    Re: Vanitas LS Damaged! But still, he is not making enoug damage, he needs to make his magic stronger, other thing, i think if you defeath LS Vanitas they give you a special Keyblade like in KHII after defeating sephiroth or after defeating LS in KHII FM
  17. matt_hdo

    Reconnect being the final one?

    Me neither, I think that KH still have a lot of story to give, like Nomura say: while the fans want the game, we keept making it, or something like that, XD
  18. matt_hdo

    Ventus and the voice (BBS spoilers)

    how, you knwo that Riku is the true successor??, I been seeing this a lot in forum and sites, but i dont see proof??, i was told in a Ultimania or something like that??
  19. matt_hdo

    Connection between MX's Keyblade and Riku's Dark Keyblade(SPOILERS

    if you say about the dark suit, i think its cause when xehanort poses riku some inconcious memories come at the moment, well, thats what i think, but i dont see any other connection, well maybe Ansem SoD wanted rikus body as a new vessel, dont know really, XD
  20. matt_hdo

    BBS did better than Mario games (in BbS's opening weekend)

    Re: BBS did better than Mario games Its normal that they attack a game that its not they favorite, but im really glad that BbS is doing so well, that means that we are waiting for one of the best games ever, yahoo, XD