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    dude CO means Castle Oblivion
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    The Best Hero?

    I know you don't play mickey, the point is he's a hero and he's in BBS, so he earns a spot in my poll
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    The Best Hero?

    that's a very good choice, I respect that but I like to know people's opinions on things
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    The Best Hero?

    So Birth By Sleep is close to release in Japan, because of this, I want to know who everyone's favorite protagonist from the game is? Is it... Terra? Aqua? Ven? or Mickey?
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    KHRECOM anniversary

    I pre ordered at gamestop, it came with some Kingdom Hearts postcards their cool
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    Fanfiction ► Organization Thirteen's Thanksgiving Special

    too bad anyway there's only four actual episodes, shouldn't be too hard to find
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    The Darkest Night- An Evil KH Roleplay (O/A)

    Go Here First, if your checking out this rp http://forums.khinsider.com/signup-out-character-threads/139677-darkest-night-evil-kh-roleplay-sign-up-occ-page.html Riku Riku sat on the beach at sun set, the wind blowing in his hair. Him and his friends Sora and Kairi had been making a raft so...
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    The Darkest Night An Evil KH Roleplay (Sign up and OCC page)

    This Rp will take place in an Alternate Universe. The Darkest Night Imagine a land where the King is an evil Tyrant out to destroy the light, in this world he tricks a teen of 15 to fight for his cause. The King's lackeys lied to this boy to take advantage of his keyblade, they said they...
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    Which remaining Members should return?

    So we know numbers I-VI of the organization will show up as somebodies in BBS, but out of everyone else who do you want to return?
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    Even More New Enemies?

    So I was thinking in the KH game after BBS, will there be another new type of enemy? I think that when they go back to the normal KH style after all these side games that they will need a new type of enemy so we don't get bored fighting the same things as in the previous games. What do you guys...
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    Fanfiction ► Organization Thirteen's Thanksgiving Special

    you know that if sora hadn't killed Demyx, Xemnas would have lol
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    Lea and Axel

    yep I know, but I wish it was like the Sora Roxas situation....just wishful thinking is all
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    Lea and Axel

    I wish Lea and Axel had met each other, then we could have a double helping of awesome
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    Fanfiction ► Organization Thirteen's Thanksgiving Special

    well I tell you what I sent this script to them a few minutes ago and I'll get back to you on that
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    Fanfiction ► Organization Thirteen's Thanksgiving Special

    thank you but that's not my full talent I just typed it up in like 15 minutes, I coulda made it a lot better