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    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    The world stories have an order to them though, if that is important to you. but for the most part as long as you go Ven --> Aqua it'll be ok. Terra can fit in either the front or the back..... Some one's going to quote that out of context I know it.... Beginning or end.
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    Help/Support ► Still on a Leash

    Should?(have more freedom) Thats more or less up to parents. And yeah you shouldn't get emancipated, its really for people who can't live at home but don't want to go to a foster home. You can try getting a job, but that's hard enough for people with prior experience and an open schedule...
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    Help/Support ► Still on a Leash

    Get over it you're still a minor. Its not like you're 19 or something, she has a right to be as controlling as she wants. Or you could get a job get emancipated and live by yourself...
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    ventus kingdom key D???

    Not really...The starting one is barely worse.. All it has is nostalgia.
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    ventus kingdom key D???

    Not particularly. Your starting Keyblade has Power 3 Magic 1 and this is Power 3 Magic 2 Its really only useful for upping Aero damage and such in the first world, after that its outclassed... And its a bit fun to use I guess, but using the all Keyblades cheat for Ventus to get it means you...
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    ventus kingdom key D???

    Yeah you need a hacked psp and the correct cwcheats codes for the game...after that it shows up in your keyblade equip screen. why you would use it...I dunno....
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    Help/Support ► Help please im expelled from my catholic school !!!!!

    Whats done is done... Now you need to go kill him so he won't be in school either.
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    ventus kingdom key D???

    I wouldn't call it a hack per-say, though you do need to cwcheat it to your inventory. its not like you need to do anything special to use it as Ventus though. Its only use is nostalgia I guess. My bet is it gets added back in for EU and NA release..
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    How playable is Destiny Islands?

    Yeah..I kinda doubt Disney wants you beating the shit out of a bunch of 5 year olds...
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    Help/Support ► Premium

    User cp - edit your details .
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    did anybody

    Eh..The gameplay was better than the first game. Some say it was too easy, and I can't really say they are wrong. But I didn't die until Sephiroth in the first game and in KH2 I died in regular boss fights. People also complain that it was linear and that you couldn't climb...
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    lolol no. I'm simply sick of your trolling is all. You've done nothing but prove your point wrong and ignore what other people are posting..
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    I dunno about you guys but I think we're done here. We've said what there was to say and all he's done is BS and contradict himself...
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    Final form says ure wrong lolololol
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    It should also be pointed out that in the first fight he lost on purpose. Every fight after that was in a body that wasn't his, so that was obviously not his full strength.. Just saying..
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    Its delicious tower Kouli posted this on the gfaqs forum.
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    Seeing as Nomura has a total hard on for Gackt I am suprised Genesis hasn't showed up already....
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    Aqua's Scenario

    I love how you don't think he's going to win either....
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    Aqua's Scenario

    So you can watch the guy lose for 4 hours?
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    Aqua's Scenario

    You can always watch the archives....