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  1. SuperSephiroth15

    It is I. I've come back.

    It's been a long time KHI. I left for about a year without a word and now, I'm back. With a vengeance. I'll be posting here and there and hopefully become the regular I used to be in these forums. Good to see you all again! s1britishguy
  2. SuperSephiroth15

    The "ultra-hard" Leech Grave?

    ^^ THIS. Leechgrave was pretty darn easy. Now Dustflier...you better come VERY, VERY prepared.
  3. SuperSephiroth15

    Do you like the Panel System more than the regular way of getting stronger.

    Definitely like the customization options with the panel system. Compared to CoM, this leveling system is amazing by comparison. I can't wait to try out all the different options once I unlock everything!
  4. SuperSephiroth15


    I chose the Sword, and then gave up the Staff. Like some have said above, magic wasn't very important in the first game. The only thing needed with it really was the Cure family of spells.
  5. SuperSephiroth15

    Decisive Pumpskin best keyblade against Sephiroth?

    When I read that, I was like lolwut? Got on my game and saw this and threw a fit. Why didn't I see this? Just in case though, do you know when you get that ability? It might be later in the game, in which I beat Sephy before I got to that point.
  6. SuperSephiroth15

    Decisive Pumpskin best keyblade against Sephiroth?

    He gets away, but if you are able to target him quickly then it's not much of a problem. Yeah....interesting huh? I also used the Reflega when he uses his Fire Pillars or Dark orbs, which hits him instead, along increasing the Magic damage that can be quite nasty.
  7. SuperSephiroth15

    Decisive Pumpskin best keyblade against Sephiroth?

    And did you know that Fatal Crest allows endless combos when your MP is gone? After you get your MP aka beating Sephy to a pulp, you can finish him off with Trinity Limit. I believe I used Curaga twice, and two Elixirs? Not bad for being a level 42 and beating Sephy.
  8. SuperSephiroth15

    Decisive Pumpskin best keyblade against Sephiroth?

    When I first faced Sephy, I used Fatal Crest because of it's ability along with Trinity Limit with Sora alone.
  9. SuperSephiroth15

    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    For someone reason I'm getting Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek as Terra. xD
  10. SuperSephiroth15

    Help/Support ► Small-Talk

    I have found the easiest way for me, and that is by asking, "Who's your role model ?" That tends to really get conversation started...if it doesn't just try asking what that person likes to do in their free time.The only problem with small talk is starting it. Once you pass that it's pretty...
  11. SuperSephiroth15

    How far are you in the game?

    Zero cards are a savior in this game...well that's if you know how to use them right. Knowing you though SA, you know how to use those Zero cards ! xD I am still working my way to the last Ansem battle in RR.
  12. SuperSephiroth15

    Sora's Story or Riku's Story?

    I would have to say Sora's story because I could customize my decks with Sora. I don't like the set decks given in Riku's Story...
  13. SuperSephiroth15

    Fanfiction ► La Compilation (Kingdom Hearts: AU Infinities One Shot Series)

    Re: La Compilation des Histoires de Reino Corazones Alright, I have read all of your stories posted in this thread. I must say, I liked the Lexaeus v.s. Riku Fanfic. Well written with some questionable grammar errors still. The Fanfic of Cloud and Aerith, I loved to pieces; this one was my...
  14. SuperSephiroth15

    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop I can't wait for this to come out, I am definitely getting it. I won't pre-order though..
  15. SuperSephiroth15

    Why did Org. XIII come to the KH series?

    I'd say they came to the series because of the main fact that Heartless got old by the time the first game was over....thats just my opinion though.
  16. SuperSephiroth15

    Worst Organization Member EVER!!!

    DEMYX............ Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Dance Water Dance ! Please....someone please shut this hydromaniac up ? That's what I was saying while I...
  17. SuperSephiroth15

    Xion is Soras&Kairi nobody

    Who me ? Sorry I can't help it :D
  18. SuperSephiroth15

    Xion is Soras&Kairi nobody

    The point is so many people come on here, with this being their first post, and stating their perceptions or speculations, and not even bothering to read everyone else's posts that have covered this already....
  19. SuperSephiroth15

    Org member before twilight thorn

    That's why I didn't know, the cloaks all look the same to me, now if I saw the drawing, then I could tell the difference, but a screenshot of the game doesn't give me enough detail. So I could determine who it was.
  20. SuperSephiroth15

    Xion is Soras&Kairi nobody

    Its called being a noob.:P All the speculation is nice and dandy, but there's so much speculation about Xion, Kairi, and Sora that it makes me want to throw up. Just wait for the darn game to come out, and they will explain it !-_-