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    KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?

    Re: KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?? Xaldin was shit he took me 4 times, but when I beat him, I was happy all the day and Demyx/2time 10 sec for ten clones is HARD!!!!
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    One unlike the Rest

    I think its Aqua, cos , in a vid, Terra said something about: "care for him" not what he said exactly, but what he meant
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    "I Want To Be Together With The Two of You"

    yeah, but your theory makes sense but I dont understand this part: It dont makes sense in any way
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    What's Xion's Connection to Kairi?

    on that I go with SA... anything could happen.*extreme tagging onto keyboard*
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    Xion Existence

    this. ;P but back to the topic: I thought about this "like a baby" too, and I never came to any solutions, so I´d be happy if it´s figured out here.
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    VEN'S Keyblade confusion (Glitch)

    but the key looks really cool, like a fusion of kk and the one you get from Cloud in KH1
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    Complete English cutscene collection.

    yeah, welldone
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    how to get full secret ending in kh2fm?

    the first part´s nothing special for the 2nd, what difficulty?
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    My First Unbirth Theory

    Well, why don´t you wai til BBS comes out? we´ll see then
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    Perhaps a very stupid question

    Now I´m cleared up :thumbsup:
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    I meant Yen Sid don´t got a keyblade
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    wierd thing...

    done then
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    Namine and Coded

    yeah, let´s wait until
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    wierd thing...

    who said Nomura did this picture?
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    and...Mickys master was diSneY but he didn´t even got a keyblade
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    wierd thing...

    Well, I should´ve known that :lol:
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    KHIIFM+ Questions

    guessed right :P
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    Jiminy's Journal has a plothole :)

    yeah, they fused and then all the memories of Roxas(for example the 12 members) flow back into Sora.And Jiminys journal has sort of a connection to Soras memories
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    Namine and Coded

    welldone DD, I think you´re right
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    wierd thing...

    Roxas isn´t in the opening