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    Ages of Terra Aqua and Ven?

    yeah, that seems about it. Terra should be at least 21 because 10 years to KH his hair should get longer as weve seen.
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    [SPOILERS] Vanitas' appearance explained

    im thinking that Vanitas is the prototype heartless that has a mind and if hes the extract darkness of Ven, its basically Sora's situation with Roxas but vice versa from Ven's view. ugh, my head hurts...facepalm
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    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    i know there were heartless seen in the game, but im confused about when you guys saw them. i saw heartless in the ending from Aqua's story (that giant one that looks like Xehanort's Heartless heartless.) but i didnt see any other.
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    Question about TAV's armor

    sorry if this sounds confusing, but i wanted to know...how do they get into the armor? ive seen them without it and when they do use it, they grab their left arm or something and flash, theres armor. can anyone explain that or show me when that happens?
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    Does Xehanort eventually kill Aqua?

    allow me to shed some light into this. YouTube - KHBbS - Ending (deutsche Untertitel) sorry for the subtitles, theyre deutsche...XD at the end when AtW finds Terranort, Aqua's armor is next to him. maybe its how Xemnas would be in possession of the armor.
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    Note in the Bottle [spoilers]

    i have to admit, that would be interesting because i think Sora would be more mature at this point about what hes gonna do, rather than follow a trail left by someone. ^_^
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    alright, thanks for the explanations. ^_^
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    can anyone tell me chronologically, the secret ending happens after KH2 as well, right? if so, then, dang, Aqua is ageless. XD
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    So the next game will be called...

    i dont think its a new title, but more like a message similar to how Crisis Core at the FFVII opening scene has that little message after. :/
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    vanitas is sora's anti form theory

    lol i was thinking that just now...XD
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    X [spoilers]

    hmm...that does seem valid enough...XD
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    i laughed at Vanitasfacepalm but dang, i didnt expect that at all.
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    [KH3][BBS][CoM]The Crossroads...SPECULATION ONLY!!!

    to be honest, i dont know what CO is...remind me again where it is?facepalm but in a nutshell, im saying that the Crossroads might have something to do with BBS because i saw it in the opening. so i assumed that it might be a future battlefield for a possible KH3 place.
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    [KH3][BBS][CoM]The Crossroads...SPECULATION ONLY!!!

    i just saw the BBS opening and it got me thinking of something. but first off, i wanna apologize for the awkward thread title.facepalm fail on my part. the scene in the opening when TAV have the charms in their hands and the charms flew into the sky...isnt the location familiar to anyone...
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    KH3 prediction (BBS spoiler warning)

    that would be pretty cool to see...
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    KH3 prediction (BBS spoiler warning)

    you might have a point there...but what i really want to know is if Aqua can do the same thing (Terra to LS switch-a-roo) with her armor...
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    i just had a heart attack...LOVE IT!!!!!
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    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    id play all of them because the stories are too interesting.
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    Something I noticed about "Eraqus"

    lol thats cool. i knew it was square but i didnt see that at all. XD
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    Are you guys going to Wait?

    absolutely i will wait. but ill watch the cutscenes when theyre available.:wink: