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    Level 1 Critical Mode run.

    My DS went to hell with that Zelda train game thingy .. My god that was one frustrating experience. Should've sued Nintendo for it, lol ..
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    Is KH 1.5 really needed?

    Wouldn't say its the top of my priority list neither, but it still looks fancy enough. And yeah .. A lot of cool stuff in the KH1.5 package, specially if you put it against getting nothing between now and KH3. Always a nice enough way for everyone who haven't had a chance to try all the games...
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    Empty Worlds?

    Well, let's hope they add SOMETHING in KH3 .. I mean .. Its on a PS3 and all most likely, shouldn't be too difficult to add some random npc's walking around for some atmosphere, yeah? All the games do feel sort of lonely atm.
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    Level 1 Critical Mode run.

    All I can say is ... Good luck, and try not to destroy your 3DS in the process
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    Is KH 1.5 really needed?

    Well, people complain about a lot of things. Personally I am looking forward to FINALLY getting to try out Re:CoM, the Final Mix things in KH1 (an additional boss, right? Or is there more I've forgotten?), see the new scenes from Days etc. Not to mention, that Versus has to be finished before...
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    Is KH 1.5 really needed?

    Not to mention it would be sort of wrong, from a chronological point of view. Might aswell call it KH0 ... Which Nomura actually has, if I recall correctly
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    Is KH 1.5 really needed?

    Personally I am super excited about it. FINALLY can I get to try Re:CoM, not to mention the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts, and to see the new cutscenes and stuff for KH358/2 Days.
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    3D - Teleporting Worlds?

    To me, it seems unlikely they would let you just lose a whole lot of the story, as you do with a Drop bar. Then you could (possibly) get a lot further ahead in the story with one character compared to the other. You could stand completely still as Sora all the time, unntil you go back to Riku...
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    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    Girls do like their "over sized key" after all, if they have one! But no matter, Kairi is more of a supportive character anyways, can't ever see her as a main character.
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    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    ........ Kairi! ;D Oh god .. Imagine a game with her as the main character ... <.<
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    Well look who beat MF at lvl 50 Critical Mode

    Beaten him as lvl 50 Terra, Critical Mode :)
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    *SPOILERS!!!* Opinions on a.... Certain Boss???

    Not really that hard a fight, I managed to kill him on Critical Mode with Terra (lvl 50), just get restore block thingy, learn how to dodge some of his worse attacks, then unleash hell :) (Ps, look out for when he reach half health, then he starts going several attacks at once if you don't keep...
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    What about Aqua?

    Both King Mickey and Riku have gotten out of that Realm, its not like its impossible!
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    Do you really need a ps3 to...

    Lets hope they introduce a new feature in the NA and EU release then, so those without ps3 also can play online!
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    Bought some FF games yesterday

    I ordered FF1, 5 and 6 yesterday. I wondered if anyone who had played them could tell me what they think about the 3 games. I personally like the class system, so I think I'll like the FF5 :) (FF1 = psp version, 5+6 = ps1 version)
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    To make things clear about BBS

    Great post *thumbs up* *mumble angrily* Them 25 characters ..
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    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    That would have worked ... if the gameplay wasn't in english.
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    The 5th Xehanort: A new persona?

    Yeah, I bet its that form with golden eyes.
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    Ven's eyes

    After hearing Vanitas' laughter, nothing really freaks me out anymore <.<
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    Actually, you are right, my bad.. I'd still like an unversed boss a la Kurt Zisa <.<