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    Which was sillier? ( involves KH2 and AC)

    The dilly shally thingie. It was supposed to be "Drifting"...in the Japanese version of course, that's why i like J version more, and Aerith's voice sounds more heavenly than in the English one.
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    Roxas... Or Sora? Your decision

    Another...poll? damn it... i like both, both like Roxas more...correction...love Roxas more!!! I like his clothes!!!
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    what do you think the stupidest thing was said in kh2?

    haha!!! the lamest and additional for stupid is when Rai keeps adding the "Y'KNOW?" every end of his sentence... it kinda pisses me off, others don't...man i have weird taste!
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    What has kh2 given you in life?

    i learned in KH2 that black coats are cool and you should try other flavors of ice cream(sea salt). ^_^
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    Waiting Game

    Uhm, i don't know if anyone noticed this before, or even if it already has a thread of it, but when i turned my ps2 on with KH2 in it, there's the menu: -New Game -Load or something like that, well, before i could even play, my mom called me to call my brother, so i was like, "aw man!", but i...
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    This roxas pic

    ^_^ very kawaii bishounen!
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    Roxas or sora

    XD Trash talking the other character is so childish. Just say something very cool about your preferred character ^_^ Roxas or Sora. anyway, i'll go for Roxas!!! I told that again, didn't I?
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    Roxas or sora

    another thread like this pisses me. Roxas is Sora's nobody, they might seem alike, but there are things differ from each other. Anyway, I'll go for Roxas, I like Sora, but I prefer Roxas, he maybe not the spotlight of broadway, but I admire him for his friendship towards to Hayner and the gang...
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    KH Obssession

    A whatever thread. Can you prove you truly fandomize and go fangirliness or fanboyishness for Kingdom Hearts? How? Ah i don't know if this is vewy obssessed, but printing all screenshots from KH2 and running out of ink...i think i was so crazy at that time.
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    kh2 secrect video rumors from japan(possible spoilers)

    Did Anyone Mentioned Roxas?! Go Roxas! Go Roxas!
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    kh2, too immature?

    immature? In my opinion this is the first ever serious and cool video game disney has with, and besides, my boyfriend plays it too, so as my teacher (guy), and my uncle!
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    i've drive in anti-form by being caught on fire by a Crimson Jazz... -_-;
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    Honestly ,Did KH2 gave you all you wanted in a Game?

    I miss SuperGlide!!! but KH2 is worth it, it gave me enough, so i don't expect anything better for it!
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    probably stupid but...

    not surprised, Mickey and Sora has the same clothes lately...they do share a bad fashion sense...
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    (One of several polls) who is the most powerful Organization member?

    i'll go for Xigbar. he's a toughie.
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    agree. she did change, my brother even thought it wasn't kairi...but of course i wasn't that clueless as he is. She's more mature, yep, attractive than the first KH...though my cousin mistaken her 17 yrs old. But, her change is better.
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    Dodge Roll

    i know you can use dodge roll, only if it shows up in the TRIANGLE command, means if you really need to, if it's necessary though. Oh, and you can start a thread just by clicking 'new thread' below the forum you want to put your thread in.
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    Square-Enix or Disney?

    I was wondering if Kingdom Hearts are under Disney...because i'm quite unsure about it, the one who directed it is Nomura, the guy who picked voices is Nomura, the man who made Goofy and Donald not just kiddie cartoons but main characters also is by Nomura... and...shouldn't KH be at least shown...
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    Who did you like teaming up with?

    Riku and Auron. Riku helped me a lot when fighting Xemnas, Auron totally kicks Hade's ass! So, both.
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Hmm...i have many in mind, but i'll give u my top five:: 1. ROXAS!!!! 2. Sora! 3.Cloud (or not...he should date Aerith!) 4. Axel! 5. Leon, lol (or not also...Rinoa should be in KH by now!)