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    I came back. I keep dropping in and out, but I plan on a longterm stay this time.
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    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    I really liked it. I liked to look further into the Organization. Hated Xion tho'. But it wasn't a real game, it was repititive gameplay without actual systems to it and was only made to fill the gap the story left.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Boss Guide

    This has come in very handy. Thanks!
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    Organization Cloak at Hot Topic!

    This is epic. I wish there was a Hot Topic in my country. Damn it I hate europe.
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    This. __________________________
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    Why don't you try to beat the other two storylines first? There's plenty for you to do, on critical and proud mode. (:
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    Help/Support ► Ugh I Hate Posting In This Section

    Oh cmon, be nice. It'd be better to move on. If she's like this more than once, it's better to start making friends that deserve your attention and kindness. As for the internet thing; I don't disagree but you might wanna try making friends in real life before depending en growing close to...
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    /b/rothers unite!

    Well, /b/'s most loyal posters, come forward and show your true identity.
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    Critical mode or Proud mode?

    I agree, but doesn't starting out on Proud seem a little better to you?
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    Birth by Sleep Consensus.

    Didn't Vanitas look like Donald Duck anyways? I thought he did.
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    Nomura a Liar?

    Agreed. It's actually despicable how many errors were made in translating. It's like not loving your fans for some reason. (:
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    final command board

    yes so that's the thing i didn't know. it sucks hard not having friends with a psp or bbs for that matter
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    Renewal barrier is a must, and keep that focus meter filled up. Otherwise, just stuff ur command deck with commands that do a lot of damage and fill up your concentration en perseverance gauge.
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    New game plus?

    I never knew that. Tell me more tell me more.
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    Getting more health

    Omfg i didn't know the multiplayer thing. Thank u a lot and some more.
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    Nomura a Liar?

    This. And another hundred times.
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    mirage arena

    Where u at now then? ___________________
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    Xehanorts Last Words

    Yes he did. ______________________
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    mirage arena

    I only used other PSP's so far, and that worked out fine.
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    Birth by Sleep Consensus.

    Yes, it should be judged by those things. However if it's about the impression it left on me, I say it's quite as good as MGSPW, if not better. And no, I know I shouldn't compare the two, as that would be as ridiculous as comparing Demon's Souls to Gears of War. Or whatever.