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    X-Dog Blog (All your KH2FM+ Goodness)

    isnt it American custom to party, get drunk, and have lotsa sex somewhere on Califorian beaches during this time?
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    Information concerning the form of the limit?

    www.psychiatry.org will do just fine
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    Just have something to disscus What was up with Axel, it seemed like he had emotions, but he was a nobody, he doesnt have a heart, thuss no emotions. THe scene with him and kairi at the beach I can understand, as axel was pretending to have a heart so he could trick kairi. but the scene with...
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    Just completed KH2, European version... have some questions...

    well god of you to stay away of the forums well antiform was a cool form, but its main goal was to annoy, also it had its advantages against certain enemys Proud mode isnt that hard, im halfway through, ( I played normal before tho, I imported a American KH2 copy long time ago ) but havnt...
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    Fantasia alla Marcia

    hmmm and how many orchestrated piece have you heard in your live,.. you know Red hot chillie pepers isnt a orchestra piece, and 50 cent isnt either you guys only like it because it was KH related, and you where fed with part, notes, scales, samples, scores of it through the intire game
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    Guns in KHII

    it obvious that you should play a game like Devil may cry, dont take it out on KH
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    Need help finding assasins.

    what do the assasins look like again?
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    Kingdom hearts 2 music

    sry mate I dont know I myself have the japanese versions I would want them aswell, some of them are pretty good I epecialy liked under the sea
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    allow me to quote myself, since theres some one winged love going on
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    hmm now why doesnt that happen to me, ohh yeah one winged angels lyrics and scores are a ripp-off
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    Fave OrgXIII reaction command?

    dont forget the reversal reaction in the final battle, I loved that command, the way you fly up to Xemnas but the memory skyscrapper one was the best reaction for sure
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    Is he the only one with a great music taste?
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    one word: Fantasia Alla Marcia For Piano, CHorus and Orchestra ohh those are more than 1 word
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    FFXlll in KH2?

    MAYBE JUST MAYBE its because the game is about the organization XIII
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Cutscenes, Deathspank what happened with all your Movies?

    maybe the server, on which the videos were uploaded are down or maybe a overload of bandwith
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    EU KH2 Site Update

    hm, I looked tru the screen shots , but they either put the wrong screenshot in or they changed a scene. its the screenshot where the unknowns are standing at hollowbastion, but with the old hollowbastion in the background. in the game it has the newish hollow bastion, with the gray bricks and...
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    Just a Question....

    didnt Final mix contain english VOices?? I recall reading that somewhere
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    I had to beat him again, on proud mode a day ago. and I just chilled, just keep moving and when he gets close give him 1 string of combos then get out ago, repeated this and he died without getting near me. but be sure to be near him in time when he starteds using water forms again
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    KH3 concept video

    where can I download a good version of the concept video from KH2? I already tried multiple googlings , but no result, I know about youtube and googlevideo, but I realy want to download it. thx in advance
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    Roxas vs Riku, just about all the things they changed

    even more important, they did use the right music, only a sampled part of it