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    BBS bundle package

    This is a BUNDLE not a special edition of the game. and with MPT, the shirt was a Pre Order Bonus.
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    just a thought but....

    could Terra= Xehanort(not MX)? i mean now that i think about it with BBS when you look over to KH2: FM+ that cutscene where Xemnas enters the secret section of the lab, where the suit of armor is... it'd only make sense that Terra would refer to the suit as an old friend since its Aqua's. its...
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    Website Updated!

    thanks dude!!! sooo close to it
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    BBS bundle package

    Japan Only. just like all the MH PSP bundles, and the epic JP Dissidia Bundle, and the Carnival Color PSP's in Japan AND the next color announced for Japan (which is Spring Blossom, its a light pink) we won't get it....and if your curious as to why well the reason is that SCEJ,SCEA, and SCEE are...
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    Ven/Sora/Roxas connection

    well it would definitely explain why Roxas looks NOTHING like Sora. usually, one's nobody bears resemblance to their somebody. (i.e. Xehanort and Xemnas) but lets not jump to any conclusions. wait for BBS and we'll see then.
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    RE: Chain of Memories Extra Content

    Re: Chain of Memories Extra Content i'll take half over none! im sure this is only coming out here because of there whole thing with a bi-yearly release. its 08. they have to put something on the US market.
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    Should there be an Re: BBS?

    i ask you why?? i mean that is such a stupid idea. there are other projects to be done.
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    Atlantica in BBS?

    No Atlantica. I hated that place in KH1, CoM and KH2 it sucks.
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    Birth by Sleep, Awakening by Death...

    well i like what youre trying to say it makes a lot of sense. but, a few questions are in order. 1.If so, how do Xehanort(student) and Master Xehanort relate at all. 2.Why was Ansem the Wise at sunset horizons. also if you have been paying attn. the Org. is stil Org. XIII even with #14. and...
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    Luxord in 358/2 Days

    i would like to see how Vexen, Lexaeus, and Marluxia play.( i mean attack wise)
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    Last chance for real KHIIFM+ information?

    im screwed if it dont come to US i gotta PS3
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    i dunno if you guys noticed but

    i was watchin Part 2 of the secret ending and if you look at the end when the UEM makes that "ball of energy"(w/e its called) he uses his keyblade to make it and ive never seen anyone point that out so just sayin and where the hell does the copy thing that faded out from the UEM in the end of...
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    If You Care Anything About An American Kh2fm Look At This Now

    believe it or not there are scenes with no english in KH2FM about 5 or 6 i've gotten through already(yes i do own the game) and i feel its crap if youre gonna make is Eng/JP then keep it that way