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    Things to think about

    There are a few things I would like to point out: Does the fact that a keyblade have a keychain or not on it mean anything about the keyblade itself or the weilder? I ask this because while the UEM's( and the D.S.'s as well) keyblade has a keychain on his just like Sora, Riku, and the King; but...
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    X-Dog Blog (All your KH2FM+ Goodness)

    why don't we all just wait until till they finish before we ask these a thousand and one questions.
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    Original Keyblades

    I would like to know who believes that the kingdom key is Sora's and only Sora's(meaning no previous keyblade weilder had it) and the same for Riku.
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    I Need Help

    someone(s) needs to explain to me why a good many people consider Xehanort(this is how it is spelled) to be a keyblade weilder. #1 HE IS NEVER SEEN W/A KEYBLADE, now that i took care of that #2 if he was a keyblade weilder he would've used his own keyblade to get the hearts necessary for Kingdom...
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** this is for anybody who thinks an organization member can weild a keyblade. Organization members cannot weild keyblades b/c they have no hearts. the only way they could is if their original selves could (i.e. Roxas)
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    Forms and Keyblades

    which keyblades did you use in Valor, Master, and Final (for those who have it)?
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    my parents won't even be home so i can or can not miss school and not worry about getting in trouble.
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    End of CoM

    i need to know if there is a script somewhere of both ends of CoM (regular and Reverse Birth), and if not could someone make a script and put it in this thread
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    The Unknown has the Soul Eater . . .

    The Replica is dead he was only around for that game and he won't be showing his face again. Furthermore, if by some chance they decided to include him in the game he would not be dressed as a member of XIII. The chances of two people having the Soul Eater as their weapon is slim to none, so...
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    No way its hallow bastion

    yea places don't change that much just b/c the evil of the darkness envelopes them, besides in the part of the clip where you see the HB, the Order people are standing on that platform where Riku took the keyblade from Sora. There is no such place for a platform in the area where that castle is...
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    i'm glad that this information has gotten to the boards in a timely manner, a while back it would have taken weeks for someone to translate what was said in the clip. good job
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    Upcoming KH 2 info

    It's not that there won't be a summon system, it's just that it won't be the same as in Kingdom Hearts. I don't remember exactly when that was said, but i think it was one of the earlier pieces of information that Square told us about
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    Defending Kindgom Hearts 2

    All i can say about this is....it's been a long time coming. For too long I've had to endure people's complaints that are unfounded. After a while i just got tired of trying to convince people that you can't judge the game before it has even come out. I am glad that someone has decided to take...
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    Tokyo Game Show 05

    Its about that time of the year again, so what are you expecting to here about KH2 at TGS: new trailer, release date, both, or an entirely new piece of info?
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    Deep Dive World Confirmed!

    what does that have to do at all w/ whether or not the deep dive place is twilight town? that is what we are trying to figure out?
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    One is the lonlest number...

    well I think that having more people would make the game seem more real, but how they would make it seem more full is a mystery to me
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    Jump Fiesta Trailer? Well? Where is it?

    Maybe nobody was allowed to tape it or certain people were allowed to see it and it just got around what was in it.
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    Auron In Ur Party For Only One Match

    pete knows no more than anyone else, so stop acting like he's the be all end all place for information.
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    Bad News! No Kh2!

    If this really was an April Fool's joke, it was really funny. In the beginning I was devastated, but since ya'll say it was a joke I found it to be quite funny (that sounds like TBS)
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    kh2 not related to kh at all.

    Just to let you know I laughed as soon as I saw this. b/c your missing one valuable point: if they weren't related it wouldn't be called Kingdom Hearts 2