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  1. Newbie

    Hello gais. I'm your new member here. Nice to meet you all. Kingd0m He4rts RoXXXXX!
  2. When Seacats Cry.

    Episode 5 ftw.
  3. Hey

    Guys, i need an update on what happened in the KH world this past few months.
  4. Ok my unbirth theory!

    it's not a theory. It's the truth. Then why the fuck namine fused with kairi in the end?
  5. Master Xehanort's demise?

    I f DS is a freak.
  6. Master Xehanort's demise?

    He died and some freak took his name.
  7. Theories on Terra, Aqua and Ven's connection to Sora, Kairi and Riku.

    Dual-Wielding was never explained. Dunno why.
  8. A Fourth Scenario?! Birth By Sleep

    DS for 4th scenario.
  9. Black Coated Coded Guy Identity

    It could be Xehanort because Xehanort did make an appearance in KH1. Also, we could know where and what the king did when he left Disney Castle.
  10. Org. XIII past

    I'd want it to be Data Form.
  11. Coded released in JP?

    Some director guy said he plans to release it worldwide. Do expect some miracle.
  12. Well...

    I haven't seen the Door to Light in any games though. DTD=Door to Darkness. There is only one DTD. Behind DTD is KH.
  13. Larxene's de Sade

    This has been discussed before.
  14. HOW would Axel be Riku's Nobody?

    I b3l13v3 th4t 4x3l 15 r1ku'5 n0b0dy c0z th3y 443 b0th cl0s3 t0 s0r4 & r0x45. th3y 4l50 h45 l0ng h414....
  15. Xion- The .....

    Xion - the loser.
  16. Ay bish, c'mere. Xion "theory" Eff yo' Mudkipz

    you can haz rep laterz.
  17. Maleficent and the PoH.

    I lovehate you.
  18. How good is Coded going to be?

    Not Really.
  19. Xion, Naminé, and Kairi's Keyblade

    Please, Refrain from making One.
  20. Coded and Riku