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    New NA/EU Boss

    This is going to really farfetched and has no backing whatsoever but I think it would work really easy for Nomura since there isn't anything preventing it really. We all saw how Aqua was in the shore of the Realm of Darkness with Ansem the wise semi-vegetablized. Well, let's say Ansem the Wise...
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    For those of you who've playes Birth By Sleep,

    All I can say is that I hate playing with Terra on Proud Mode
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    New NA/EU Boss

    Still not valid as we don't know how MX looked like when he was younger. For all you know, MX looked exactly like Terra when he was younger therefore it was both MX having Ansem and Xemnas as the heartless and nobody respectively. Your theory is nowhere near certain.
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    New NA/EU Boss

    1.) It can't be AtW because the secret ending reveals to us that he doesn't know about Terranort therefore he wouldn't know about Terra, unless they made the boss fight Aqua exclusive, non-canon, etc etc. There are some logical statements that can be made as to why also. 2.) As to why the kids...
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    New NA/EU Boss

    Okay, I haven't posted here for a long time but some of the mediocrity that is posted here is getting on my nerves. Not that some of the KH Mythos isn't mediocre already but you get the point. I'll revise my points and repost as time goes on and such. 1.) It can't be Ansem the Wise or any...
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    Theory or Proof....

    Ok, I'm actually here to talk about the secret ending in the way i translate and decode it. It's really complicated and some might think it's not good enough but i'm going to rant about it anyway. In the Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts II and KH II FM+, 3 enigmatic soldiers show up wielding...