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    BHK? who the heck?

    really, i dont think so
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    The "Other" Side

    Sora cant tourn to dark he has the keyblade, and twilight is in the middle of dark and light
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    WEIRD........ or create a last name 1.0

    yeah Sora is very important, he tells every one his name
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    BHK? who the heck?

    that really piss me off, you dont know who a major charector and then you think other ppl are goin to be all like mushi and yeah, go to the BHK offical topic
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    KH 2 theory

    ok well then nvm, this topic should be closed unless and one else has a theory
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    WEIRD........ or create a last name 1.0

    you dont see Sora teelin every one his last name he tells them his first, if it was really that imporatant like the last name has to do sumthin then they would have put them in
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    KH 2 theory

    thats waht i am sayin i dont speak n00b
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    Did You Notice

    n00bs are annoying they dont know wat they are talkin bout
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    WEIRD........ or create a last name 1.0

    Last names are a minor detal they are really that all important
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    WEIRD........ or create a last name 1.0

    that is wat i mean, not in a family way
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    KH 2 theory

    m sry i cant help i dont speak n00b
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    WEIRD........ or create a last name 1.0

    i think that they did not pay atteion to there last names it doesnt matter, and i alos think that Kairi and Ansem
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    kh story2 2

    yeah same here, and dont post in a row it is a waste of space
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    the best thing remade in kh2 can u guess?

    thats true the gummi ship is not the main trasportaion in KH2 a train in Twilight town is
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    KH2 Keyblades

    well that explains it all
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    KH2 Keyblades

    I have no idea ill tell you when i get the game
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    Big fights galore! The dream a reality!

    I think it is a cutscene, and in mulans world where you are on the moutain and shaun-u summons the heart you have to battle for over like 2 minutes
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    Get Things From KH1.

    who doenst know that ?!?!?!?!
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    new drive bar form (donald fusion)

    yeah bein blue and red is soo aswome, it looks kewl and it is also a very good idea for battling
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    yal probably noticed already but......

    i think that the whit creatures coulf be heartless in a coat that makes them stronger