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    what do u guys think?

    I have come up with an idea for kh3. ok i think it would be really cool if u could switch characters throughout the game whenever u want. U would be able to play their side of the story all the way through and after u beat all of their stories it all comes together at the end. I think this...
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    Axel v.s. Xigbar

    who do u think would win in a battle to the death? I think Xigbar would probably win cause of his guns but i would still be goin for Axel cause he rocks.
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    i love u AzoneG1................ JK. BUT THANK U SOOO FREAKIN MUCH DUDE! THIS IS SWEET!
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    rate the worlds

    give each world a rating from 1-10. Ill start us off Twighlight town - 9.8 Land of the Dragons - 8.7 Beast's castle - 9.2 Olympus Coluseum - 9.4 Dysney castle/timeless river - 8.8 Pirates of the Caribbean - 9.3 Atlantica - 7.6 Agrabah - 9.5 Halloween/Christmas town - 9.5 Pride Lands -...
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    Should they get rid of Drive in the sequels?

    i love the drives but in a sequal I would want new drive forms. that would be cool.
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    Did you beat the last Paradox Cup?

    yup i beat it. But it was hard. At the end(last 10 rounds)i had to just keep avoiding enemies until my magic went up so i could cure or use trinity. This strategy takes a while but it works.
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    Is this really true...

    oh sorry didnt know u already gave it
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    Is this really true...

    that would be cool but i need to see it to believe it. got a link?
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    link to scene?(SPOILERS)

    can someone give me a link to the scene where goofy gets hit in the head by the gigantic rock?...(i laughed for like 10 minuets and i need to see it agian):p
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    Where wre you when you first drove into Anti Form

    Mulan. I went into it like 30-someting times through out the game. I sucked when i went into it fighting Xaldin. But i still beat 'em:)
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    challenge for KH2 owners

    oh well congrats Quint.... it would be hard for me.
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    What has kh2 given you in life?

    I like the moral of Kh2......but it hasnt done anything for me except make me stay inside for very long periods of time
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    challenge for KH2 owners

    A challenge for me would be to play on proud with only the Sweet Memories key,never use a reaction command on the 1000 heartless battle,and to try to beat sephy at lvl 50
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    when did you get final form

    I got it when i was fighting random nobodies. It was funny cause i said to myself "I hope i get final form soon" and BOOM! i got it....(this was way after i beat the final boss though)
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    umm... does any body know cheats for Armax? Cant find them anywhere. Any cheats will do. oh and im sorry if this has been posted alot.
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    dont get it..........

    1. umm.. what did mickey mean when he said "his eyes couldnt lie" when he was talkin about Riku?this has always bugged me. 2.What did Sora mean at the begining when he said "the 5 of us-i mean 6 of us can do this"(or whatever he said) when he was talking about their upcoming journey. Who was he...
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    favorite organization XIII member AND there wepon?

    Axel cause he is a very cool character. I like his weapon cause it is unique
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    can someone help me find some cut-scenes to put on windows movie maker? I found some,but it will only let me use clips that windows media player recognizes.:confused:
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    gameplay sucked. But im glad i played it because i didnt know it would be that involved with the story line of kh2