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    X-Play Review

    they've given games a 5/5 before cloud and ninja...resident evil 4 for example and as a joke they've given one game a 0 out of 5 and that was the ET game for the Atari.
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    The Adventures!!!!!!!!!

    Hello fellow random people of the world. Neosporin here telling you about an awesome comic that is coming to the web very soon. It tells tale of Peaches, a R.A.N.D.O.M-roid wearing an almighty hat, a gun-toting warrior named Neosporin, and PSP playing diety, G.O.D. The forum for these...
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    The Producers DVD?

    Does anyone know when its supposed to be released on DVD and UMD?
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    Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Figurine + A mysterious E3 List

    sweetness. a new kh project.
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    3 way ultimate battle

    kingdom hearts 2. just cuz Auron and Vivi are in it.
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    Burton to Direct Film Version of Sweeney Todd

    So apparently, this is true, and not a rumour anymore. I'm pretty excited about this, since Sweeney Todd is one of the shows in the world. What are your feelings about this?
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    Orginazation XIII should be......

    hey, i have a perfect explanation why they would be at the collesium! they could be ghosts!
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    "Destiny Mode".

    well, i already got the game 100 percent...i'm not renting it. so where's that destiny mode? sorry, that was pretty mean. but, i'm not sure what to believe about this.
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    Give your own kh2 review

    score: 8.5 graphics: 10 sound:9 difficulty: 7.5 playability: 10 replay value: 8.5 main review: So after four years of waiting, this long-awaited title has finally hit shelves and are already glued in the disc trays of many gamers around the US. So, the question is: "Is this game any good?" The...
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    YRP, no where to be found...

    you'll find out...soon.
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    i used trinity for the 10 second one. it got rid of nine enemies with five seconds to spare.
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    Proud mode rewards

    Other than the secret ending, are there any other "rewards" after beating it. Like if you beat KH1 in expert mode a different artwork was shown at the end. is it the same for proud?
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    what heartless should have been in kh2

    i miss the angel stars and the invisibles.
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    Favorite musical anyone???

    i chose ursala's revengs, although the japanese version sounds so much cooler.
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    you can't drive in the final fight against Xemnas...at least, i don't think so. but what i did limits like trinity and the one you do with riku...can't remember the name. when xemnas gets ahold of sora and you get control of riku, kill the clones he sends at you and run like crazy towards sora...
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    Final Form

    i got final form in the Saix battle.
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    ANOTHER STORY?! spoiler

    zexion wasn't destroyed. just left in ruins. i think that the shadowy figure in the secret video is a much older sora.
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    To the people who thought the game was too easy...

    or maybe they're liars.
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    To the people who thought the game was too easy...

    Expert mode in the first game was cinch for me. I only died against the secret bosses.
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    To the people who thought the game was too easy...

    you'd be suprised. not many kids play games for storylines...