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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix?

    Hilarious when is Kh2:FM+ coming to US, if i got a dollar for everytime i heard that, i'll be frigging rich,HAHA!! Anyways i seen on 1up.com that its coming sometime next year but we all know about 1up.com:glare:, chances are its not coming.:thumbdown:
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    The Game Collector!!!

    Whats up!!! Im a collector of video games and well im hunting down games to collect.^^ Anyways, i'm starting this thread to talk about video games and also get suggestions about games to collect for myself. I've played countless of games,and i mean countless, but ive yet to collect some of them...
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    Something to Consider!!!

    Whatever it was still just a thought and nothing more, and I did take that into consideration HadesDragon.
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    Something to Consider!!!

    What about the fact that Xemnas says "my friend" in the KH2: FM+ vid. Terra and Aqua were friends, DS and Aqua were enemies. That was one of my reasons for my theory.
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    Something to Consider!!!

    Thats good enough for me, It is finished.
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    Something to Consider!!!

    I was thinking about Terra and Xehanort and also Aqua. Please feel free to give your opinion, so here is my theory. What if Terra is Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts II. I mean look at the hair, they have like the exact same hair style. The exception is that in the Birth By Sleep movie Terra's hair...