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  1. Hollow Bastion

    A place for old friends

    kingdomhearts2.net. Was around for a bit, before had to change the name. And yeah, there was an RPG section, when it would work
  2. Hollow Bastion

    Old as the hills

  3. Hollow Bastion

    Glad to hear! Doing well here. Wife and 2 kids, oldest is in middle school now. Steady job in...

    Glad to hear! Doing well here. Wife and 2 kids, oldest is in middle school now. Steady job in programming.
  4. Hollow Bastion

    Politics Russia Attacks Poland. Is this the start of WW3?

    Latest updates are that the missiles actually came from Ukraine as part of its anti-air missile defenses.
  5. Hollow Bastion

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    All good, yeah. Keeping busy with work and family. Had no idea #junes got back together. I get nostalgia kicks from time to time, usually from reorganizing old screenshots and such, but that was so long ago at this point.
  6. Hollow Bastion

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    Hahaha..yeah. It was definitely up there. Also, howdy.
  7. Hollow Bastion

    Any oldies around?

    Dozens of us. Dozens!
  8. Hollow Bastion

    It's been a long time.

    Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
  9. Hollow Bastion

    What happened this year that made you feel old as heck?

    Noticing that the first LotR movie will be 20 years old this year.
  10. Hollow Bastion

    can all the awards be small again

    Hey now, I'm not that old
  11. Hollow Bastion

    When you next see this, how's life?

    When you next see this, how's life?
  12. Hollow Bastion

    Reflecting on 16 years on this forum (aka the "once a decade post")

    I'll roam the forums once every couple months or so, just seeing what's around. Don't really post, though. Still got my original name, so there's that at least.
  13. Hollow Bastion

    Help/Support ► Programming Language?

    If you just want to get practice, python is good to start out with. You could also download one of the Express editions of Visual Studio and try something in C# or even VB. I'd recommend against going into game programming starting out. That can get complicated fast. You could pick out some...
  14. Hollow Bastion

    Help/Support ► Little help with Windows please

    Well, first, Office 2011 is for Mac, not Windows. So you're thinking of 2010. Next, are you sure you bought a full version of Office? Many times they will only come installed with trial versions, not the entire thing. If you did indeed buy the full version, then you need the code that came...
  15. Hollow Bastion

    Help/Support ► which Anti-virus is best?

    Just some ideas: Get only 1 AV program. One and only one. Suggestions made earlier. Get a couple or so anti-malware programs. I use Ad-Aware SE, but I know Spybot and Malwarebytes are good. Install Web of Trust (WOT). It's good for checking how good a site is/isn't based on user votes/ratings.
  16. Hollow Bastion

    Help/Support ► which Anti-virus is best?

    I tell people to go with Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, or AVG. I hate Norton/Symantec and McAfee. The rest, I haven't had much experience with.
  17. Hollow Bastion

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    Just FYI. By being involved and being part of the child-bearing process, if it turns out the kid isn't yours, you back away from the situation, and she takes it to court to try and get child support from you, there's a chance she'll win and you'll start having to send out checks. Just because...
  18. Hollow Bastion

    Help/Support ► Getting started on programming and things

    If you want to get started new in programming, C++ is honestly not the easiest choice. At least if you want to learn it well. Try Java, C#, or Python. There are a few guides online you can try out. If you need assistance with code and such, Google is your friend. There's also sites like...
  19. Hollow Bastion

    The Documentary Hypothesis

    Documentary hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia So basically, this says that the 5 books of the Torah were written by 4 different sources from different time periods, occasionally working with the previous books, and redactors came in at the end to try and weave them all together...