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  1. Spyells

    Summer Event Help

    Hi! I had a question about the summer event in KHUX. On the quest which is Day 7 - 1/3, the target is Dual Durandal. I'm not sure how to defeat this boss. It seems the numbers over his head corresponds to the amount of turns I have until he attacks. Dual and the other heartless attack before I...
  2. Spyells

    Autism (AS) and Kingdom Hearts

    That can depend. I live with two people with Autism and they are nothing like that. They have friends and are very social. They also don't have the same routine everyday. They have no problem recognizing their own emotions or the emotions of others. And, they don't have extreme interests. It's...
  3. Spyells

    Is KH 1.5 really needed?

    I just wanted to say that I disagree with you both. I've also been a fan for ten years and I'm quite happy to receive what will be in this collection. Days was my favorite game in the series so I'm very excited about those cut-scenes. SE tries to make all the fans happy, but it's impossible when...
  4. Spyells

    News ► TWEWY -crossover- OST Jacket Revealed!

    (sees what you did there xDDD)
  5. Spyells

    Random things you noticed...

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but there is a large hidden mickey made by the leaves of trees on Destiny Islands. I DON'T mean the purple one that's always been there, I'm talking about the scene when Riku and Ansem the Wise are talking. For a long moment the camera cuts to some trees behind...
  6. Spyells

    Name your dream eaters

    These are all the dream eaters that I have at the moment. =) Meow wow: Darell Komory Bat: Aeiro The sheep one: Kutie Yoggy ram: Syre
  7. Spyells

    How come Terra wasn't strong enough to defeat the old fart??

    I always figured that MX darkness was stronger. MX even says in Blank Points that Terra couldn't triumph over his own darkness, so how could Terra triumph over MX's. Plus, then we wouldn't have a villain if he was killed in BBS. Lol!
  8. Spyells

    Getting ready for KH3D.

    I don't do too much to prepare really. Although, I did just finish replaying BBS. And of course I come on the forums (lurking). I have played the demo several times just because it's fun. Flow motion is cool and some of the dream eaters are cute! ^_^
  9. Spyells

    Petition for Kingdom Hearts 3D Translated.

    I signed it but I'm not sure if Square Enix will care. Good luck! ^_^
  10. Spyells

    Days would have been better if it was on the PSP

    I loved the game. Days was my favorite in the series. Playing as Roxas was fun and I enjoyed the panel system. The panel system was much better than the challenging card system in COM; although, I was eventually able to master it. But, to answer the question, even though a Sony counsel would...
  11. Spyells

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    The game play was fun and exciting for me. Watching Sora do cool flips on screen just with the press of the 'X' button is cool. I didn't like Atlantica, in fact I hated it. I don't even think I've ever finished it. I did like the gummi ship better than I did in KH1. I also enjoyed watching the...
  12. Spyells

    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

    Well, for everyone who figured we were going to get the Pandaren as the next playable race, you were right. I'm excited and somewhat disappointed. I was hoping for an expansion dealing with the Emerald Dream rather than going to Pandaria. I have to admit I've never heard of them in the WoW lore...
  13. Spyells

    Why did Terra instantly connect with Riku?

    I guess it's because Riku reminded Terra so much of himself. Terra always wanted to do what was right to protect his friends, but was constantly grappling with the darkness and power. =(
  14. Spyells

    Favorite Scene?

    My all time favorite scene in BBS is when Kairi's grandmother tells the story about light and darkness (I loved this scene in KH1 too, but I love this one better because it's voice acted). My second favorite is Terra meeting Sora and Riku on Destiny Islands. My third favorite is Blank Points. My...
  15. Spyells

    Help/Support ► Halloween Costume/Sora Cosplay help

    Thanks! I just checked out the site and it's pretty cool. Maybe they can tell me where I can find Donald Duck and Goofy in their KH outfits as well as their weapons. I've been looking and I can't find it. My brothers want the three of us to be the trio. xD
  16. Spyells

    Help/Support ► Halloween Costume/Sora Cosplay help

    Hey, guys! I really want to cosplay as Sora (but any KH character will do) for Halloween. But I have a problem, I'm an 18/20 in women's sizes and I'm not sure where to find a Kingdom Hearts cosplay that will fit me. I already know where to get the Kingdom Key (although I was wondering if you...
  17. Spyells

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    I'm on Proud mode. xDDDDD
  18. Spyells

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    Thank you so much! I've been so confused all day! I did a google search and every answer I found was confusing because I couldn't find the secret boss. Now I know I can't do it without doing the final episode. And I thought I had already did the final episode from beating the game. Lol!
  19. Spyells

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    Really?! o_O How in the world do I unlock that?
  20. Spyells

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    I already beat the game. Isn't the cutscene after the last battles the final episode? I already finished the whole game on all three stories. =(